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Thread: Kromrey, Meg, Bedini, Leedskalnin machine what do you think?

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    Thanks...that will definately be handy to add to the inventory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradley Malone View Post
    are you refering to the fact that there will always be an oposite polarity magnet because of the two outer stationary magnets that will always have an attraction...but in the bedini it is a clean make break of the flux. I had considered that but i am thinking that using small magnets as the stationary magnets and a more powerful one at the center there would still be a change in flux flow (if saturation of the cores isn't reached) when the larger magnet in the middle with the right balance you theoretically could pulse the coil on the right side at the right time and rotate the center magnet (because the polarity of the coil can't push away the permanent magnet on the other side but it could spin the magnet in the middle. when id does...just like the bedini there is the potential difference...the flow of the power coil creating one polarity to drive the rotor magnet polarity away and the reversal in polarity of the core as the magnet goes that would be harvested in the bifilar coils on the side that is pulsed. Only thing holding me back from finishing this thing is getting out to a field to untangle the wire. then I'll see what happens.
    You are correct and that is exactly what i intended to say.. it is in fact parallel to the direction of motion. and that makes sense now for the magent to be in that orientation when it is in the 'Center of the effective motion'.. What i meant by saying 'Twist' is very much there as the answer to your own tinkering.... any guesses? ok... How would you place the magnet if you were to place it in the midway between (Centre where you have placed it now) and the Bedini's location (where it is at 90 degree to the motion),
    all the more puzzeling would be to tinker why would you ever place it there? i guess i have the answer.. call it a 'Magnetic Ball bearingbut to do it that way would also need a a pick up coil there or a Magnetic pole piece to interact with the rest of the Magnetics( Circuit)...!!!!

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    OK..I am hesitating to put the other coil on because i am affraid i do not have enough there as a drive coil. Each drive coil is 150 turns of some large wire 18...maybe 16 gauge. It was the primary wire on a large transformer so I do not know the exact gauge. Anyways two of the coils will be used in series on one side and the other two in series on the it gives me 300 turns divided into two coils on each side for a drive coil. when i measure it it comes out to .4 ohms in series of course is .8 ohms...if i used 12 volts i would be pumping 15 amps! to drive this thing...but i plan on it being pulsed with a very small pulse at just the right moment so it wouldn't be continuous 15 amps but still thats allot. I was thinking maybe if i just ran it from 5 volts that would be around 6 amps but I am not sure if 5 volts would be enough to make it run. Its the current flow not voltage that makes the flux flow so ..I don't know! I don't have any money to get more wire and i think i took all my transformers apart already so i guess i am stuck for a minute.

  4. #74 Made this video to help people build bedini cole circuits...not the right forum but i didn't want to make a new post just for a video.

    Also I found a source of wire (old ceiling fan) and I painstakingly rid it of its wire which looks to be about 18-22 gauge or close to it. But i have enough for the coils and even extra to add a winding to my window scrap stuff

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    Well I got all the coils wound 375 turns each (1 ohm) ...then decided to check for shorts. Every coil is shorted to the core...So...I get to do it all again!!! YAY! I think life just taught me a lesson on insulating sharp metal cores from conductive wire. I did wrap them in electrical tape where the coils would be but apparently not enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post

    so here is my answer for the magnets..... John said they are the only ones that work correctly in the configuration to harvest the energy correctly. barium magnets don't mind being switched... not in a pole sense, but in a make/break sense. and John has built kromrey's with different magnets, he said the only ones that work are BaFe.... there is also a "grind" test you can do to them to determine the magnet. all the info is in the kromrey DVD

    as far as I know JB has the only working device on the planet.... that is O.U. there are several in his shop, he only runs the one in the DVD. the magnets get cold, the air coming out of the machine is cold.

    Tom C
    Hi Tom C,
    John's machine is G-Field generator, a refinement in the kromrey Generator, he studied the kromrey and further reduced the coil impedence to improve the draglessness of the generator.
    I also think he further improved it to higher order which is still known to me at this point in time, this is what he claims in the video that can achive COP as high as 320.
    about the magnets running cold.. i think the core along with a portion of the coils get hot if the outputs are not conneted to a 'load' (opposite to a standard Faraday Induction system which immediately gets hot upon a short circuit and current flow(Hot current) in the circuit. In the G-field the heat evokes inside out from the core and that too when the associated coils are OPEN at the load terminals.(it is the heat in the core that is transfered to the enclosing coils and not the coils themselves that heat.
    Now in the situation when the output is SHORTED, Magnetic Current flow in the coils which is Cold-Electricity and is similar to a CHARGING Capacitor. if you use a single diode it would charge the hell out of Battery and if you use a FWBR it would possibly expolde a Capacitor!!
    The Bloch wall of the system is extended at the Gap between the poles pieces and the Magnet poles and the Dielectricity(Converted Electricity) pumped into the conductors of the coils.
    The Air blowing between the gaps appear to be refridgerating or adibetically cooling but how much it goes below from the room temperature is the question..
    in the DVD John even shows that the Charge battery runs activily cold... just wondering as to why he did not use a digital IR thermometer to make this evident!!
    Sparky (Sweet Floyed) also had freezing coils.....EV gray's motor had condensation issues due to active cooling..!! all these things look like a common design to the coils configuartion..
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