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Thread: Kromrey, Meg, Bedini, Leedskalnin machine what do you think?

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    I am going to, but I am thinking about it like this. I know that a core, without the end I have added, works, as you can see in the bedini patent. So there is no point in testing what has been tested. I am going to make a core with the end like mine and try that but no matter what happens I am building the big one. 1 because this is my hobby so I don’t mind spending 200 every few months to try something new 2. I have been running everything through my head for about a year now for THIS machine I have had the idea that long but took a year to think about it. So I am fairly certain that all my research on coil windings and the concepts in this machine will pay off in some way. 3. Basically I want to see what happens when I build the whole thing...if I got absolutely nothing out of the coils I would still build it. To see if I can make changes because I believe this will work. Other things I have thought were cool ideas but this one just clicks for me.

    walter russell says everything is a cycle every action causes a reaction that in turn causes the action again in a cycle. noone up until this idea (unless i missed one somewhere) has put that thinking into magnetic loops. every time a magnetic loop is broken in this machine it creates another magnetic loop wich when broken cause the first magnetic loop again. So action reaction action. along with the action of the incoming magnet canceling the drag of the outgoing magnet would cause (if it works) the machine to spin as though there were no magnetic locking or "coging" but it would actually lock very strongly . But the drive would never see it because of the equalization in drag and pull forces.
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    i wrote a reply and it disapeared and i dont feel like re-writing it so ill shorten it. Basically all the test have been done for me by people testing the devices above. bedinis patent is basically the same thing as my machine but i use alot more poles and offset them and add a secondary core loop. if i wired up the coils the way bedini has them it will at least work the way his does and with a big machine with more poles it will put out more power. So the thing is i want to build this because i have been reworking the machine in my head and cad programs for about a year and i want to se it run regardless of what it does...if it becomes a really cool mantel piece "so what".

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    okay thats not a problem, bear in mind often the case on patents there is a 'key' factor deliberately missed or changed in a way to make anyone trying to copy it fail, a prime example is the capacitor plague that happened several years ago, manufacturers in china copied from a patent an electrolyte solution that was deliberately altered to stop exactly that, as a result cheap consumer electronics were failing at an unbelievable rate.
    if you have it worked out in your as you say this shouldn't be a problem.
    Cant wait to see it up and running, it looks very much like peter lindermans old motor that produced some impressive torque.

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    did he have a name for it... i know if i run this as a motor. every revolution would be broken into 272 pulses instead of a couple so if i used small pulses it should still have great torque. because i think of it like an impact wrench or something pulsing is where the power is so if it takes 272 pulses to turn one time it should be very strong. the i can also turn it around and drive it with a motor causing 272 positive pulses and 272 negative pulses. so 100 rpm would be around 450 htz...i have a 28,000 rpm motor i may be using...extreme overkill but i want to test different speeds of course...even the fast ones.

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    Lindeman had one called the rotary attraction motor, don't know what the other one was called, he has designed a few of them.

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    it was on one of his videos on youtube a while back, on the full series of the electric motor secrets possibly, i cant see them now so they might have been removed there were hours of it.

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    when i look at that motor it kind of does sound similar. it says they put power in to pull the rotor to center then turn the power off leting momentum finish because there are no magnets. With mine i will try multiple things of course, But if i let the magnet pull itself in then pulse to allow momentum to carry it on. the magnet would supply the extra force in and i would supply the "off time" wich would actually repel instead of just eliminate drag.

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    No, it was older and longer several hours long actualy, he showed some of the machine he built in the past, i believe this machine was based on attraction and it had no magnets inside but the layout seemed familiar.

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    just found a video secrets of electric motors in my collection it is 2.5 hours long and its nothing but Peter Lindemann...i have probably already seen it but a refresher never hurts. i have studied so much and looked at so much in the past two years i have no idea what i have seen already .

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