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Thread: Aln's edited notes from Erfinder's discussions.

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    so this is way to many words used to describe a rotor and coil arrangement. meant to confuse and disrupt and cause head scratching.

    equatorial pole = pole around the perimeter, magnets facing outward, along the centerline of the magnet around a rotor.
    they work radially= extending from a common center, the axle of the rotor, around the perimeter.
    the magnetic field is equatorial, extending radially from the center, along defined points around the perimeter.
    regular pole =is the coil pole. either the end of the coil on a solenoid style coil or one side of a coil that is wrapped open core style like a window motor.
    in another post he stated that 8 coils, 9 mangets was hogwash. and yet here he implies that assymetry is a good thing, more "equatorial poles than coils poles. so either he has his poles configured in such a way as to not be even, or he is not switching at the same time around the perimeter, like he may be driving it in a precessional way. go figure.

    Tom C
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    Yes i do have an insight, i do not know for sure,

    To start the sweet 16 is 360 / 16 =22.5 degrees at this point alarm bells should be ringing about a dynamo set-up which we all know well - the earth and sun, also points on the compass

    other insight is the switching position i have experienced on a hall effect or separate inductive switching set-up, you would have thought that the point the machine would want to trigger the coil is right next to the magnet, but this is not so, first i thought it was a delay in my switching circuit so i eliminated that and it was still about the same, about 20 degrees off so i went on a search and found some correlation between what i was observing and the Adams machine, yet another machine which uses the sweet 16 geometry, Muller suggests the same, 16 is the first number of poles that forms the magnetic cloverleaf inside the rotor? and this i believe is to do with balance of the forces going into or out of the magnet bar.

    the junction points i would suggest would be as magnets reverse as they pass the stator, and the negative time / gravity and the geometry that results, from the zero only at wave amplitude inside the magnet.

    In other words a 'magnet' has four poles and the areas within these poles are the preferred path for the magnetic currents, the two other poles are normally hidden.

    Designing a rotor and stator to make use of this allot harder than it seems, this inventor has done a really good job, i wish him luck on the next stage or stages of his endeavour if he is watching.

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    "or he is not switching at the same time around the perimeter, like he may be driving it in a precessional way."

    So shorting the coils at different locations would cause the regular or "normal poles" to decrease thus having more equatorial poles at a given time?

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    I dont think thats whats happening, at least not actively, the coil arrangement might cause some sort of delay in a processional way i don't really know. you cant reduce the amount of normal poles i don't think, without reducing the number of magnets?

    I would start by reading the Adams, Muller and Leedskalanin and not forget to mention the Bedini stuff to put the puzzle together.

    Look in space at the different shapes formed by the magnetic and electric currents. the four poles are real, what he is saying is not confusing if you know where to start, it is actually very good it just takes you in at the deep end.

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    So BMW says "normal poles" are magnets, referring not to electro magnets/coils. So where are equatorial poles?

    Tom is thinking "regular pole =is the coil pole" and "equatorial pole = pole around the perimeter"

    I was thinking of regular and equatorial poles on the magnet itself.

    We will come to some agreement I hope, am thinking along Tom's train of thought now.
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    To come to some agreement, we would first have to come to an agreement regarding the forces that we call attraction and repulsion and what they represent, i don't believe the classical explanation one bit.
    In my veiw which is nothing other than a primitive comprehension of Russell, attraction is the result of an external pressure, repulsion is a result of an increase in gradient between, like poles 'attract' dislike 'repel' what they 'see' comes from the other side of the magnet bar which is why it appears that opposites attract, in assumed reality this is the same as why light is upside down in your retina.

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    Aln - the magnets have the equatorial poles on them on the equator! (they can also be virtual in respect to something that creates them?) think of a cross, each is a vortex, this is your magnet, it is also the same layout as stuff in space.

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    particularly liked page 24, i have a sketch book with identical drawings i did a year or so ago, i was looking at them just a few hours ago all this talk of four poles reminded me. strange how stuff like this happens.

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    if his description of using the equatorial poles on a magnet is what is being spoken of there are only 2 choices. we know he is switching at the junction of the 2 coils when the magnet crosses the interface of the 2 coils. . looking at the wiring that Dave posted this means that we need to draw the sine wave out and look at what the coils are doing at sine wave peak and at the zero cross. with that known we can discern how the magnets are in the rotor. they are either regular north and south out. or they are in the rotor sideways which gives a north on one face and a south on the other. this also creates a scalar north and south in between poles. it actually changes how the rotor looks magnetically. this is just my guess.

    Tom C

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