the fist step in the ferris wheel is the half bipolar circuit or half bedini-cole circuit with a bridge on the output. understand how that circuit functions and then you can run a single coil on it. 16 magnets on your wheel. I do not know if we will need the small neo for shaping the field on this size rotor. it may be advantagous as the magnets are farther apart and it will help create the scalar south.

changing inductance of the coil on the ferris wheel on the fly is the key to it's function. this can be done several ways. if anyone does not have the DVD set from JB on the ferris wheel its a great start. He has given us so much I do not have a problem purchasing those so he can keep sharing. if you cannot afford them I totally understand we will do our best to share openly and simply.

then we can work together on the idle magneto in the center of the wheel.

we will talk about inducing the pulse into the primary coil and where it is to be pulsed. this will bring us to a multi coil machine, and then to an AC version of the same machine. with alternating magnet rotor, and close coupled coils switched at the zero crossing point of the coil.

I am on this journey with all of you, together we can make an amazing discovery!!

every thing must be shared openly in simple terms that we can understand. it is easiest to understand in laymans terms as opposed to engineering terms. words like dual band flux path inductive reactance capacitive non coil saturating switched at the delta phi may be fairly descriptive but it leaves you saying huh?

lets keep it simple and descriptive in a way that lets non engineers understand what is happening.

Tom C