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Thread: Best alternatives for alum?

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    if you discharge below 10.5 v you will hurt batt.

    ell. A 12 volt lead acid battery has 6 cells and must not be discharged below 10.5 volts (6 x 1.75 = 10.5). If these batteries are discharged below this, they will most likely be damaged.
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    George's battery is no longer a typical lead acid battery. My alum batteries flatline between 7-10 volts. How big of a battery did you convert Geroge? 2*45=90 watts/12v= 7.5 amps of discharge (that is a heavy load) for 1.5 hours then it drops off. rule of thumb, c20 discharge rate is ah/20, much nicer to battery. Al

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    My battery is (or was ) 52AH. I recharged it yesterday and it works fine... I Did the same discharge test and again it lasted about 2 hours till the voltage droped to 9V. Then I removed the bulbs and put it on the charger. Interestingly my smart charger (when in discharge mode) discharges 12V lead acid to 9V which is under the "safe level"? I will do the graph again today then we can compare the results.

    52Ah/c20 = 2.6H. My battery lasts 2 hours... I think it is not so bad considering it is 10 years old (it was just sitting in garage for 3 years with acid in it when last summer I started using it) and converted with epsom salt not alum. Maybe if it desulfates it will get little bit better.
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    52 amp hours/c20= 2.6 amps for 20 hours. That is the safe discharge rate. You are pulling 7.5 amps for 2 hours. 7.5*2= actual capacity, 14Ah. You will get more amps out of your battery if you decrease the draw. Your "smart charger" is smart on the part of the battery companies. They will sell you a new one in a couple years if you discharge a regular lead acid to 9v repeatedly. Aln

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    I have been testing higher epsom salt concentration solutions with smaller lead acid battery for few days. Every time that I have increased amount of epsom salt in the mix, the more amp-hours I am being able to pull out of it.

    I did just finish filling the car battery with much higher concentration mix. The old (four days old) fluid that came out of it was totally black/greyish. And I had to fill up and dump out water from the battery over 30 times to get it cleaned out. A lot of lead powder came out of it...
    This time I will be charging it up slowly and I will be making new discharge graph in few days.
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    hello georg

    just starting to follow on this thread
    anny results on the car battery ? what was the mix ratio?
    i think about testing this as well

    kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by wild weasel View Post
    hello georg

    just starting to follow on this thread
    anny results on the car battery ? what was the mix ratio?
    i think about testing this as well

    kind regards
    It looks like Epsom salt can be used as a alternative for alum, but I'm not 100% sure, as the capacity of the battery is quite low after the conversion, around 15 Ah. It might be because the battery was to old to begin with!? I have to try alum with my battery, before I can recommend Epsom. I tried many different mix ratios... I started with 1/10 (Epsom/water) and ended with 1/2. I did notice little better capacity with mixes over 1/10, but after 1/6 it didn't make any difference.
    If you have free time and useless batteries then you can try this out by your self as this can be fun project
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    Anything that I have seen or read, especially by John Bedini states not to use Epsom salts. It will slowly destroy the battery's chemistry. As far as finding alum just look on eBay. The stuff is super cheap there, and there are many eBay store to choose from

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    for future conversions iherb now sell Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate (just search alum on website) which I believe is the most sought after and hardest to get. I have tried pool floc or regular ph reducer Aluminium Sulfate and Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate the later had much better results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Georg Seema View Post
    Yesterday I started converting one of my lead batteries with magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt). I'll post here when it is done and how it turned out...
    Hi Gorge,
    Yes desulfating your batteries : use 5 strands SSG first to desulphate first.. cycle them few times (Charge/Discharge), and then you can use the same set up to Cap dump the batteries in the Generator mode..
    tell us what happens.. I'm sure your batteries should be back in top shape
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