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Thread: Dynaflux alternator open source?

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    Dynaflux alternator open source?

    Hi All,

    Wondering if the Dynaflux Alternator is open source...Would I be able to find any schematic anywhere or is there any info about is on DVD?? Saw a download for some info on the link but does it have schematics??


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joster View Post
    Hi All,

    Wondering if the Dynaflux Alternator is open source...Would I be able to find any schematic anywhere or is there any info about is on DVD?? Saw a download for some info on the link but does it have schematics??


    It is patented so not open source, but all the patents are published for you to study.

    You can get this full demo: and you can get all of Jim's patents in one package here: You can always search for them on your own, but that package has 15 patents of his work.
    Aaron Murakami

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    Hey Aaron,

    Great to hear from you. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do for this community. I bought the patents, Jim's Telsa's Hidden Secret's and the Full Dyna Flux Vid. I am particularly interested in the electronic method of harnessing reactive power. My question is would it be possible to get a schematic of this so all of us can start to replicate this stuff??

    Also, do you know about the $100 000 energy award and challenge Steven Greer is offering?



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    Here is my take on this. JB has been the only one on this forum who has been close to the grim reaper for stepping over the line. The line being taking on the energy giants / big business. It's all about making the almighty dollar, graft, greed, corruption, and any way possible to get ahead and keep ahead by any means possible. Death threats are probably the biggest. These giants are more interested in keeping their hand in your pocket than they are allowing the release of any new information which could hamper with their ability to taking your hard earned money. Do you really think they are interested in sawing off their income stream by allowing a new science that would allow us to get 2 - 10 times more energy for the same dollar value. That is not going to happen! They did it to Tesla and many many more. Just watch "The Men Who Made America" series. No these guys are not going to willingly let this happen. These guys are ruthless and cut throat and they believe it is their divine right to do so.

    JB is a very smart guy who figured out how to get the info out without getting himself killed. He used a little girl to do it at a science fair. He allowed the public to figure out the details by the use of the science fair and thru this science forum. He is not making any millions off of some patent and hardware. He is slowly educating you and me.......the general public science geeks who like to tinker. JB knows that sooner or later someone will stumble upon this revelation and it will become public knowledge thru this forum. Yes it has taken some years but this is schooling at it's best. Look how much we now know about collapsing field energy.

    If you think the plans from Jim are going to magically appear then you might as well just by the casket now. The big guys do not want this known. The one way they cannot stop this from happening is thru the masses. If we educate everyone at the same time they cannot kill us all. This is the key. Low and slow! Give these guys some time. Think about all the others ahead of Jim who tried to take on the system. They are now pushing up daisies.

    We all wish for the same thing......getting out from under the system for free. We cannot expect Jim to just hand over his life long work. He has to make the commitment to educate us slowly for the good of mankind and screw trying to retire wealthy off of some new innovation. I think Jim knows this and so does Paul. They are being very cautious as to how to proceed with a near miss from the grim reaper.

    Do not procrastinate! Make something happen...even if it is wrong. Once begun half done!

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    it is the dawn of a new age

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    Bud's comments are on topic! Having attended the conference and spoken with many of the presenters and attendees it became very apparent that there was a common thread in this event. That common thread was power amplification, something that Tesla discovered and that has remained hidden beneath many layers of deception. The SERPS device that was displayed is a product of Tesla's original thinking with its theoretical basis explained by Dollard and subsequently amplified (pun) by the collaboration of Murray and Babcock into a real world device. JB's presentations dealt with the same concepts, but in the form of the SSG and its subsequent iterations. Peter Lindemann presented, in a real world demo, additional techniques using the humble SSG to amplify power from the primitive lead acid battery. Aaron Murakami presented the Plasma spark technology and its applications - furthermore he intimated that using this technology, in conjunction with readily available simple yet elegant techniques, allows water to be used as a fuel. The shade of Stan Meyer continues to exist.

    The dawn of the new age started a 100 years ago, and only now is the light breaking through the clouds of forced ignorance.


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