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I couldn't find that phrase "intermediate light probing" but I know what you mean. We also have to define what TIME is - below is a definition that I created long time ago because it is the only thing that makes sense to me.

From a non-relative perspective, time itself seems to be nothing more than the rate of motion of mass moving through the aether, which is dependent on the density of the aether.

So under high density aether, there is more restriction to the movement of mass and even light speed but to an observer in that area, light will still look like light speed since all perception, etc... is based on the aether being that dense.

Under low density, there is less restriction to the movement of mass and light speed is faster with less restriction - but to an observer it will still be at light speed since their perception is subject to that lower density aether.

From the universal perspective - if we could look at both areas of the aether at high and low densities, we should see that the high density aether light is slow and the low density aether has light moving fast.

But again, to each observer in their own respective areas of different densities of aether everything looks normal and to them time seems to tick normally because they are perceiving at their own benchmarks based on the aetheric density that they are in.

Many of the principles of relativity are accurately describing the effects but an aether based model is what actually makes sense out of it.

When we look at space and time - Eric considers space to not have 3 dimensions, but 1. XYZ are coordinates but not dimensions. You and I are at different coordinates in this world, but we are in the same singular dimension of space. So any "travel" that light does if it even travels is still within 1 single dimension of space from point A to B and that movement is from one set of coordinates to the other - but again in the same single dimension of space. As far as time, it can be a mathematical dimension we can multiply different variables by but it doesn't look like it is a dimension in the sense of "3D space and time". Time is an amount of movement that happened and that is about it.

If some kid is swinging on a swing and the swinging is consistent and we count those swings, that is just as valid of a timepiece as a clock. The only thing the kid swinging and a clock are doing is simply MOVING in a countable or incrementally quantifiable way. To the observer within their own aetheric density - time will always look the same since the light is moving at a speed governed by that density, their observation faculties are governed by it, movement of mass is governed by it, etc... so no matter what density, this will always be the case but comparing locations with different densities, there will be a difference in the "flow of time" and therefore the "speed of light" from an absolute perspective.

What is the actual mechanism at play that allows light to be created at one spot and appear at another spot in outer space without it being visible in between or light created at one spot down on Earth and hitting another spot while illuminating its pathway by interacting with dust, moisture, etc... good question! In both situations, the light only appears when it hits something because illuminating its own pathway down here is simply each particle on the path being hit and illuminated so essentially it is the same thing as light out in space where the moon is simply a big particle on the sunlight's path that is being illuminated by absorbing and re-emitting light.

There is also a big fallacy when it comes to measuring distance to different stars by looking at color shifts as the light moves past other objects. I can't find that reference but there are examples where that whole idea doesn't manifest so it can change everything we think about in terms of how big the universe is, etc... I'll try to find it and post it because in a way, it kind of gives credit to some of Eric's ideas about light travel and it is based on actual photographs taken by NASA, etc.
Hi Aaron,

In Aetheric Physics it is established (very much like what Hamilton said that a distinct Science of TIME is possible) that TIME is the other counter part of the physical 'Nothingness' the first being the Physical fabric of space itself. if i understand Tom bearden writings on the Structure of TIME from the perspective of Engineering it, this should be it. i remember seeing a documentary in the discovery channel where a scientist is shown working on using Light to do 'TIME TRAVEL' none the less, TIME travel must be a diffenrt perception as opposed to Space travel...Astrophysics is yet to marry with the Science of TIME.