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Thread: Which Solar Tracker V?

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    Hi Tom,
    What will be the best/more efficient configuration for the S10A12 in term of Panel and Battery?
    I mean size of 12V Solar Panel? 100Watts? more? Size of battery 100a/h? Less?
    Thanks for your advice

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    with a 12 volt system a good rough way is 15 watts per amp. so 105 watts gets you 7 amps, 135 will get you 10 amps. battery size depends upon your loads. you can charge a 100 amp hour battery with a small tracker over a period of days if you don't discharge it. you always start with the load and calculate backwards using your location in reference to available light thru the year. so if you are not using that much energy a 100 amp hour battery will work great with a 10 amp tracker and a solar panel. its all about the load. hope that helps.
    Tom C

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelloir View Post
    I will be purchasing a Solar Tracker V with capacity to run my home. I live about 1 hour south of Melbourne in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula and should be able to get sunlight on my panels almost all day (weather permitting) with the exception of the early morning due to some trees.

    My understanding is
    solar energy will power the load and keep the batteries topped up. The batteries are only used if the ST is not able to power the load.

    Based on this, it seems logical to get as much high power consumption work done during the daylight hours such as running washing machines, dishwashers, electric ovens (but avoid doing them at the same time). and purchase an ST large enough to support the maximum load that one might expect these devices or combination thereof to draw. The hungriest device is the oven at 2856 Watts, on average is used 1 hour per day.


    • If the ST cannot power all the load does it continue to power as much as it can and lean on the batteries to provide the remainder, or does it hand off all the work to the batteries?
    • Maximum daily usage for my home should be 20kWh but I hope to reduce this even further as I make my home more energy efficient. So what would be the minimum size Solar Tracker presuming off grid usage and usage as per previous point?
    • Is it worthwhile running 2 battery banks or is one bank ok with a larger ST?

    Obviously weather introducues a variable.

    I am a beginner so I'm sure I am overlookig some obvious things. So lets expand from here so I don't make this first post to large
    Hello friend bit old thread but have you got the solar tracker for your home? I do have similar plans so can you please help me out with your experience..
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    what are your loads? we can get you where you need to go, but need info on your needs.

    Tom C

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    hi there
    I have an S20A12 solar tracker.I found these amorphous solar panels rating (Voc): 21.0 V (Vmp): 15.0 V and (Imp): 4.1 A .can some one tell me would 4 of these panels run the S20A12 solar tracker?Is the Vmp to low?

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