Hi All, Just a few weeks ago I heard of another devise just like the Lockridge devise JB talks about. For years and years we used a company called Fields Electric Motor Service to service and repair our big 300hp DC motors. A few years ago (prior to my learning of the Lockridge Devise) the business went belly up after the father had died and the children had split up all the equipment. A lot of super cool stuff in that building. I bought every brush they owned for $200.00.
My grandfather and the founder of that facility had worked together to build a floor sander from scratch during the early 40's. My grandfather had built all of the lamination dies for the motor laminations for a very specific motor by Fields. They built several motors from scratch and were a very high tech DC motor shop in the early 40's thru 60's.
A good friend of mine (Mark) and I were sitting at McDonalds not long ago and we were discussing the self running DC motors and runaways. He worked @ lorain steel and had seen some failures of this nature. We got to shooting the breeze and he mentioned that Feilds had a self running motor at one time during the 70's. I also Remember Paul Fields (the grandson and a good friend of mine) telling me this also before his death @45. I had mentioned to Mark that it was done using another set of brushes to pick off the negative energy from the collapsing field and fed into a large capacitor and back into the motor to be used again......self running. All of the color drained from his face as I told Mark this. He said....how did you know? I said I had watched the DVD from JB on the lockridge devise. There was quite a conversation which lasted for a long while thereafter. What I would give now to go back a few years and learn what those old guys knew.
If you watch the DVD from JB I will bet my life that what he has there works and works well. Why can't we just scale it up to monstrous proportions. Those huge DC motors will run away and destroy themselves indicating that there is a big lockridge devise waiting to be turned on. Use a governor to keep the runaway from happening.
I vividly remember Paul's grandfather (the original founder of Fields Electric) coming to the plant and worked on a DC motor issue we had before his death. He wanted to make sure the multiple brush leads were taped together so they would not vibrate back and forth. Paul had also told me his grandfather might know the secret to beating gravity. That was many years ago now. If I had only known then what I know now I could have picked his brain.