Hi everyone and congrats for this great website

I've been reading quite a lot during the past couple of years and finally I've achived to assemble my own SSG.
At this point I find myself trying to 'tune up' the device and some questions are rising.

Could you please help me with this? I know that the information is probably out there already, in some post... I have probably read it and forgot about it. There is so much info about it that i can't remember it all.

These are my questions:

1. Can I switch the charging battery after charged with the SSG? I mean from back end to front end
I remember reading somewhere this is not possible. Why? If so can you give me an explanation for this?
I am not using the capacitor discharge yet. It is pulsing straight to the battery.
If it is not possible, how should i charge the front battery? with a conventional charger?

2. If I understood the way the device works, then the flywheel is just a timing device for the circuitry to switch on and off the main coil. Is that right?
At the end all we want is the electromagnetic field to collapse, right? Could there be another way to switch off the MC without a mechanical oscillator, flywheel?
Im thinking of some electronic component, solid state component...

3. Can I have more than one charging batteries? 2, 3, 10... is there a limit to the number of batteries on the backend? does it affect to the charging times? will one battery charge faster alone than when there are 5 batteries charging at the time?
If the answer to the first question is YES. Isn't that the easier way to 'demonstrate' COP>1?

I do have more questions but I think this is enough for the first post
Thank you so much for your help! And please forgive my ignorance I am still learning how everything works