Hi All,

I have recently acquired 24, 69.1 Amp/hr deep cycle lead acid CD Technologies Telecom batteries and hardware. They have been in service for about 4.5 years as back-up power for some small telecom equipment deployed in apartment buildings. They came from six different apartment buildings. 4 batteries per installation. They would have been used in series to provide -48V DC to the gear during a mains outage.

Physically, the batteries are in great shape. Some have some minor bulging however. They all test above 12.6V after being removed from the sites about a week ago. I load tested one of them with my CBA at 8 Amps. This resulted in a 40 amp/hr tested capacity for this particular battery.

I would like to restore as many as possible to full capacity.

I have an SG running as well as a high-efficiency vortex coil radiant pulse charger. It can do 3 Amp pulses per 1.5 sec consuming 10 Watts.

If I where able to run my SG on some a power supply, how long would it take to do 20 cycles with these batteries? Are these cycles from 10.5 to 16.2?

Or perhaps I could use a pulse charging method? If so, I assume these batteries would need at least 10 Amp pulses per sec to show any charging? I have charged a 7.2 Amp/hr battery in 24 hrs with 1 Amp/sec pulses using my vortex coil radiant pulser consuming 5 Watts.

It\'s obvious I will need to build some kind of heavy duty charger either radiant or pulse and the consumption element is a whole other topic that for this application I am not overly concerned about. Perhaps a heavy duty solid state sg? Or beef up my vortex could setup?

Any tips would be great!