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Thread: The SG Radiant Oscillator

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    That's great. I think every one of us wants you to benefit from your own inventions. Seeing that I'm wondering why I'm futzing around trying to build an SS SSG when you've produced a potted solution. Please consider producing them for sale at a profit.

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    Hi Mr. Bedini

    Here is a quick drawing of the The Wet Cell B.B. EXP. could you please take a look at it.
    , and let me know what you think.

    Thank You for the Video.

    Have a great night.



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    john K.
    John B. will post more info on this in a bit. He has to upload some things and your question will be answered visualy.

    Chuck Hupp

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    The History Of The Radiant Oscillator

    Peter and I were doing the work on the oscillators, It had to do with solar charging in very low light. We wanted this unit on the back of the Solar Panels, so we needed 80% Eff or more to do this, just as was measured by Stan. You could parallel these units for power in low light. The unit we gave Stan was under trust to test for us, Stan was wrong as it was a COP>1 with the panels in low light or moon light. The Patent even says that. But you can see what happen here and why I put the information away until the Patent was issued. And you can see they never made it work the same, Stan destroyed the transistor and the compound on the chip and should have studied this a little more on solar panels.But this is the history of what happened. Here, This is the history of the SG Radiant Oscillator and how things get stolen even when you have people you trust to be helping you We were also studying the negative effects and had built a machine to measure transistors, we just did not guess at this we measured it. And built oscillators Rick and the rest of the gang never have seen. So you know the story of why now.
    John Bedini
    My homepage:

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    That is not how we hooked it up, No charging battery, Oscillator running on a 12 volt supply straight wire from collector, no bias resistors, Oscillator circuit is in the my posts.
    History of the Radiant Oscillator. Outside of that your hookup is right.

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffrey sr miller View Post
    Hi Mr. Bedini

    Here is a quick drawing of the The Wet Cell B.B. EXP. could you please take a look at it.
    , and let me know what you think.

    Thank You for the Video.

    Have a great night.


    John Bedini
    My homepage:

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    As someone who has no passion or talent for building electronics, as someone who is not a "maker" or a hacker, as someone who is more interested in the deal than credit for the outcome, let me say that those emails you shared are indicative why it's better to do business with business people than with passionate like minded individuals. I have from, time to time, felt a second class citizen on these forums because of my lack of technical knowledge and lack of passion for experimenting. Some have suggested that my type of person wants to be spoon fed. That is, perhaps, true. However my type also agrees to pay for being spoon fed, and would like nothing better than to buy finished product rather than spend hours trying to build what I'm not suited to build.
    As I've said before, I also created something in my own field that is of importance, but I did not partner with likeminded passionate inventors. My partners are an administrator and businessman. We just made the Inc500 list for the second time in a row and seem to be doing well.
    In dealing with someone who sold kits, who will remain unnamed, I noted that there were efforts to sell items below cost to raise money. I told him, that as a potential purchaser of a large item, such behavior suggested to me that either the technology was not ready or that production quality was so poor as to not be able to sustain a finished product. He told me the technology was mature, but there were problems with MIB etc. Not the kind of argument one businessman usually hears from another.
    There are many out there who want a finished total solution from you. There are those who'd buy a potted oscillator and those who'd buy an installed power system. These people will pay a premium for not having to fiddle. The people with money that you want to sell to want finished products, not kits, and they will pay you the premium you need to fund further research to meet your goal of getting this tech into the hands of everyman. All while getting both the credit and some profit for your inventions. You won't need outside money, investors, or people who you'll be afraid to share tech with.
    Thanks for sharing everything you've shared. I know your heart is in the right place and your goal is a just one. Not only does this country and the world need what you know, but this country could also use a new manufacturing industry making your products and putting people to work.
    All the best,

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    The history of the oscillator

    Frist let me say I respect your opinion and what you have written here. The reason I and others have started this board was to correct problems in the information. As I said before, It's sad when people copy things and do not even understand what the inventor of system was trying to do with the theory. I hope I can correct what was done with Ricks work. I can at least get people to the second level of understanding. Most when dealing with the "Radiant Spike" do not understand that it is much different and it will burn your circuits right out in a flash. What happens then is "they" call the circuit faulty, it not, it's you have no experience with that type of power. The Circuits must stay hooked up and the use of short leads is important. At first you may not notice anything as these are "time charges", or Teslas impulse technology, Tesla did not have Transistors and Fet's, Fet's being non-forgiving as it punches through the gate. At least the Transistor can take a little more abuse in the breakdown. It does not take a Rocket Scientist to build things, just an understanding. Some circuits are very strange in the way they operate with this inductive energy.
    Computer chips must be kept free from this type of power. I plan on putting up videos to help the SG group in showing how I built it here. I'm just waiting to get the kit motor to do the work on it, others here such as Erik who have worked very hard to build the best circuit board he could for the group. John K and Tom C are also working very hard to fix all the problems associated with incorrect information, I'm here to stay and will help all I can. I have had my failures in the very beginning with Tom Bearden's theories but I kept calling him and asking questions even when that is not what I was taught. I have many years with analog amplifiers and have seen many unexplainable things with impedance problems and pulsed power. So hope I can help.
    John Bedini
    My homepage:

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    Hey John

    So what you are saying is, you dont really need the +ve of the source to go to the negative of the charging battery? You can just use one wire with a split diode arrangement?
    I gotta try this...

    I never let my schooling get in the way of my education...

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    Soooo John this is redcar1957 from the energetic forum where we had chatted and talked on the phone about some trannys that were discontinued
    are we talking about our Rick from Michigan? please clarify
    Thank You for being the god send that you are

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    HI Mr. Bedini

    Thank You for looking at the circuit that i posted.

    In above past post:

    Do you mean a 1N4008 Diode or 1N1008 Diode which is a 380V 400mA Germanium Rectifier Diode made by GE and I believe is obsolete?

    Attachment 548

    On a side Note:

    Here is a 2,000 lbs. sg wheel i made to run a 10,000 what gen. for my lab in the 1980's

    OLD SG WHEEL TURBINE 1982 2012.jpg

    Have fun!



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