We have updated our website to reflect the linear amplifier construction of the 10A12. 5X more power refers to the amp output capacity 2amp VS 10 amp, not necessarily the style of charging. Although this can seem confusing, we hope the new verbiage of the webpage will solve this issue. We do not supply the manuals with the chargers but will specifically ask Energenx to update their manuals.

A severely sulphated battery may or may not respond to a higher finish voltage. on some models of other brands of chargers you will see an "equalize" switch which moves the finish voltage higher only for one charge cycle. Steady charging over many cycles to a higher finish voltage will remove light sulphation, a heavily sulphated battery will just heat up. that has been my experience on large deep cycle batteries. A few cycles on an SG will tell you if the battery can be restored.

Tom C