"Q- Series 100/100"


Bedini has just developed the new Q-Series 100/100 is a compact and lightweight amplifier. Forty years of solid state engineering has led to the introduction of the Q-Series a pure feed-forward class A design. Bedini uses a unique biasing technique to maintain "Class A" operation even with the most difficult speaker load.

Military grade glass epoxy circuit boards, over sized power supplies, and the highest quality components are used to insure exceptional sonic accuracy and reliability during sustained operation. The 100/100'S chassis design features vertical mounted heat sinks, which are connected to a rigid main frame and serve as a chimney for convection cooling. This delivers high terminal efficiency and eliminates the need of employing nosy fans.

The 100/100'S steel chassis has been powder coated to a lustrous finish, which resists chipping and scratching. The Q-Series is highlighted by a blue LED, which indicates the power is on. The use of re-settable fuses eliminate costly fuse replacements and insure the proper fusing is always incorporated. Gold plated RCA and three way binding post have been used to provide you with the most effective way to help prevent corrosion, which will ultimately distort the sound or break connection. The CUBE is provided with a detachable power cord so it may be interchanged, if desired, with more exotic types. The net result of the CUBE'S design is superior extension at both the upper and lower frequency extremes, with high levels of accuracy and clarity.


Power Input: (20HZ to 20 KHZ) 8 Ohms 100 Watts, RMS, 4 Ohms 200 Watts RMS
Dynamitic Headroom: 1DB
THD 8 Ohms Rated Power: Less Than .25% (20HZ to 20 KHZ)
IM: Less than 1% (8 Ohms Rated Power 20HZ to 20KHZ)
Power Bandwidth At 1 Watt: (5 HZ to 100KHZ)
Signal To Noise Ratio: (-100 DB)
Input Sensitivity/Impedance At 1 Watt: (1.2V / 18K)
Damping Factor: 500 MIN (20HZ to 20 KHZ)
Slew Rate: (40V/uSEC)
Power Supply: (400VA)
Power Supply Filter: (30,000 uF)
Power Requirements: (120V 60cy or 220V 50cy)
Power Consumption: (400 Watts Max)
Power Input (20 HZ to 20KHZ) Dimensions (10.5W x 5.7H x 13.25D) Approximate Weight: (15 LBS / 6.82 Kg)

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