Hi Everyone,

I came across a schematic diagram mentioned by Dr Bob Beck whereby he called it a Magnetic Pacer or Ludwig Relaxation Oscillator.

The circuit is suppose to generate a 7.8Hz field to protect us from other harmful frequencies.
Not much description provided except a circuit diagram and the case layout.

I have difficulty understanding it but I would really like to build one.
Could everyone here help and give me some advice.

My questions:
a) Where is Q1 transistor 2N1563 collector connect to ? Where do I find the connection to Guassian noise 600MHz ?

b) What kind of relay coil is L1 ? Can I make my own 15Kohms L1 coil ? What size enamel wire should I use ? How many turns ?

c) How does the signal null detector work ? How does the thermocouple and diode work ? Where can I find these parts ?

d) Inside the plastic case, insulate 3a and 3b were used. What is the purpose of sandwiching the diode and thermocouple ?

e) What kind of device is connector to socket J1 ?

Thank you very much for your help.