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Thread: Persicution of Gadgetman Ron Hatton

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    Persicution of Gadgetman Ron Hatton

    Persicution of Gadgetman Ron Hatton

    This is a copy of an email received from a friend of Ron Hatton, Gadgetman Groove originator, who spoke at last years Energy Conference:

    ----- Forwarded Message -----
    From: Rino Stoof <>
    To: Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 6:29 PM
    Subject: The final days of Gadgetman

    The final days of Gadgetman
    Ron needs your help

    In This (probably final) Edition...

    The Final Days of Gadgetman

    This may be the final words from Gadgetman Technologies as this era in innovation for petrol engines is being forced to close by many many suspicious acts. Even now, as I write this letter, there are campers parked in a field not 500 meters from Ron's house where agents are monitoring him and all his activities.

    My name is Rino (short for Marino) Stoof and I live in the city of Hamilton in New Zealand.
    I have known Ron for a while now, having joined his network after doing many hours of research into his 'Gadgetman Groove'.
    After each video and with each new piece of data uncovered, I began to see that this simple modification really works, so I bought his Personal License Program. I've done a number of cars myself since and yes, it does!

    Ron and I have spoken many times on Skype since I came aboard and we have become friends. He has shared much of his trials, and it has been an honor to be someone that could lighten the load he has been forced to carry. I will tell you some of that story here, in the hope that you will take heart and share it with others or, if you feel called, to offer some help now that he most needs it.

    Ron is a unique man. Not only was he given an inspiration that he chose to deliver to all of us, he has stood up against overwhelming odds to make sure that people could benefit from his discoveries. He has managed to develop a training program that has been proven effective at teaching to most inexperienced people how to do the groove effectively and has remained accessible to all who would call him,

    But now it looks like those days are over, as his entire life has been taken over by agencies that are supposedly created “To Protect and to Serve” as the words on their cars say.
    Law enforcement agencies of the highest levels have targeted Ron for personal destruction, and are listening to every word, and watching every action in his daily life.

    The closest of his friends have been driven away, now refusing to have even a single word. No calls, not even an email will be returned from the people he depended on every day. They seem to be scared to death to talk to him, he says, and I believe him.

    His computers have all been cloned, hijacking all his internet work. His inbox has had as many as 1,4 billion messages. Try finding something relevant in that! Conversations with others in the privacy of his home have been used during interrogation of his friends, People coming to his home have been harassed by local police, and (it is believed) these same police broke into cars to steal Gadgetman supplies from them. And the police would not even take a police report on the missing items as “there's no evidence of anything being stolen” according to the officers.

    Coming to Hamilton to help Ron could be risky. You'll have to be willing to step up to the plate with him. That doesn't mean he doesn't need your help, because he really does. If he could only have a couple of people to be with him, he would be able to get the evidence he needs to prove these individuals are committing crimes against his sanity and his person. Believe me, he's showed me a bunch of weird stuff via Skype!

    They have been breaking into his home many, many times since March of this year, sometimes four and five nights a week, destroying his sense of self as no solid evidence was to be found. Everyone he told about the break ins has treated them as delusions by a seriously disturbed person. In time, it was getting to him so much that he was ready to commit himself to an institution, doubting everything his senses would tell him.

    But if nothing else, Ron is strong. He has turned from that weakened state and decided “This far and no further”! He told me this on a conference call. He said: “The only thing I have left is my integrity, and if I give that up, they have won. As long as I have that, I remain a champion.” I really don't know that I would go that far...

    But he faces some serious legal charges. These same police forces have planted drugs in his house, resulting in two arrests for felony possession of meth and paraphernalia. We know that Ron is no drug addict!

    And they appear to have the blessing of the Department of the Interior, as agents from Fish and Game have been seen on his property, telling the locals to keep out of it. Obvious military postures and swaggers give away the truth of who they are. He reckons, who can ride in a truck all day and stay in a lithe form and fluid motion?

    It is time for us to defend Ron. Not because he is a person in trouble, but because of what he represents to the world. He has helped teach people much more than
    how to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. He has shown us what it is like to think for ourselves, to find answers on our own. He has shown us what it looks like to be a man of honor.
    What is happening just proves that the fuel companies, as well as the government, will protect their income no matter what they have to do. We're all being ripped of big time!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am across the world from him, and still I feel his pain. I am honored to know him and proud he calls me a friend, and I will do all I can do to help him.

    Right now, he estimates he will need around $50,000 to mount a defense against them, because he will need more than an overworked public defender. He will need investigators as well as other people to find the information that will back up his story, He also needs to move. All this and more.

    He has to pay $15,000 to the sheriff in a week and a half to maintain his freedom for the bonds he is out on require that.

    If you can, send him money, and lots of it. Whether it is $5.00 or $5,000, let us show Ron what he has done for us. We may need to sacrifice, but has he not sacrificed everything for us? Paypal will probably be the easiest, just send it to

    Don't let him go down without reaching out to him, show him you care! for that is one thing I can say I can sense in him, he cares for people. His has always been there to help me and I will always remember that.

    If you already got my last message I'm sorry to hound you, I'm using mailchimp because there are a lot more addresses in there.
    Ron has given me full access to all his accounts as he fully expects to not be around for very long.

    Lets help this guy and in doing so show the people that are breaking him that he's not alone and that we despise what they are doing!

    Thank you very much!
    New Zealand

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