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Thread: Vitamin C therapy

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    Vitamin C therapy

    I wanted to post this link from a clinic on Vitamin C dosing. I am making no claims, I am not a doctor, I do know when I see results.

    Tom C

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    any known method for extraction of vitamin C ? as far as i know, vitamin C shares the same receptors as sugars, and hence it's absorbtion is competitively inhibited by their presence. as such, it is best to be separated from any sugar when ingested (that's why most 'pills' suck - they have more sugar than vitamin C).
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    Back when I had a blog going I wrote a bit about vitamin C. For instance I had a four part series that just looked at reviewing the past years worth of research on vitamin C. I'll dig up an archived copy when I get a chance, but the mind boggling thing for me is that vitamin C appears to be almost universally beneficial. It is an anti-toxin, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-oxident. It is also incredibly non-toxic. About the only single possibly worrisome thing I saw in that one years reserach review was equivecol data that it may potentiate the endocrine disrupting effects of bisphenyls. Therapeutically, the major issue is dosage, where the really tremendous therapeutic effects can not be achieved with the oral dosage route (though the recent liposomal formulations may be a way around this). In any event. I posted this earlier on a different thread but while I am trying to dig out some of my previous blog posts here is a write-up on the history of vitamin C and the evidence for its use in cancer. Vitamin C - PDF.

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    The Optimization of Vitamin C.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
    I wanted to post this link from a clinic on Vitamin C dosing. I am making no claims, I am not a doctor, I do know when I see results.

    Tom C
    Dr. Tom Levy is an expert on Vit C. He is a retired cardiologist and in this you Tube video from a talk he gave at the Riordan clinic he lays out what lyposomal vitamin C can do.

    Very informative and the stuff really works for a host of ailments:

    Optimization of Vitamin C and Antioxidant Therapy - YouTube


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    Simple to take the lab test for vitamin c means calcium if its level is better then ok otherwise must be take the c therapy like cal1000 in the tablet forum or injection forum respectively therefore this thing will enable to make the body more healthy.

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    Give me a week or two and I will try and go through the past couple years research on vitamin C and see what I can synopsize. While this isn't an electronics topic I do think it is worth discussing. A similar thread related to vitamin D might also be worthwhile . In fact if you ask me, (though this not being my specialty I am vehemently unqualified) all of the major advances in internal medicine relate to a further understanding of either how elements or various micronutrients (vitamins) play a role in physiology. With a few exceptions (and irregardless of the research) it is quite neglected.

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    Tom C,

    After my last post I owe you something on this. Let me preface this by saying 3-4 things. 1) In real estate the saying is location, location, location, with vitamin C it is dosage, dosage, dosage, did I say dosage, dosage, dosage, yes, dosage, dosage dosage. You might overdose with too much oral vitamin C but it might be easier just to drop a ton of it on your head. Too much taken orally leads to diarrhea. However, at the maximum tolerated oral dose, one is still an order of magnitude or more less than the amount most animals have in their blood stream when healthy. One can bypass this either through intravenous vitamin C or liposomal vitamin C. IV vitamin C is well known, liposomal C is so new I am now entirely certain what to say. There is a study showing liposomal C is absorbed at about 3x the rate of regular C. However the question is how well does it get into cells. There is a credentialed clinician that states he finds liposomal C superior to intravenous C in treating some diseases. Alright point 2, you will say I am just cherry picking studies. I did a search of Pubmed with "vitamin C" in the title of the article. I have omitted 95 percent of the articles. If you go back and do the same I challenge you to come up with the harmful studies. There are very many studies reporting things to the effect, to make something up of, "Vitamin C has no effect on alopecia in aborigines" there is next to nothing harmful. After having studied this a bit, the only thing I ever saw is it may potentiate the effects of bisphenyls in plastics. Alright points 3 and 4, I can't remember, but it does bring to mind a pet peeve of mine. When it is said something strengthens the immune system, what the hell does that mean? Specific, general immunity? If immunity is too much strengthened does that mean you now have an autoimmune disease? Vitamin D decreases the incidence of autoimmune diseases while upregulating an arm of immunity not taught twenty years ago, namely antibiotic peptides, a whole new arm to the immune system. If not detailed, for myself I find it best just to substitute "life force" for immunity to understand such great advertisement claims. This post is too long to start on the medical literature, and even when I do I may restrict myself to 3-6 months at a time not the whole past year. Having only looked at "vitamin C" not "ascorbic acid" or ascorbate and only in the title of the study I will just say I am not disappointed by the recent research
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    intravenous iv of pure buffered ascorbic acid in doses above 350,000 milligrams per day can be safely used and it will cure most cancers too many testimonies to not believe it. add Vit D and some trace minerals and your off to the races Tom C

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    The peer reviewed published medical literature was searched through the online portal PubMed. A search term of Vitamin C was entered and this search was further confined to the term appearing in the study title and the study having been done between 1/1/2012 and the present. This search yielded 113 articles. The titles of a few of these articles sometimes accompanied by brief excerpts from the study abstract or personal comment are below. The hyperlinks to these articles are omitted so as not to trigger the board spam filter. My comments will be enclosed in /* */ brackets. The abstracts to these articles are easily obtainable while perhaps a quarter of them will also have free online access to the full text, for the others a trip to a medical library or medical library online subscription may be necessary. Without further ado, starting with the oldest articles first.

    1) Subcellular basis of vitamin C protection against doxorubicin-induced changes in rat cardiomyocytes. /* comment, doxorubicin is a chemotherapeutic with a side effect of possibly damaging the heart */
    Conclusion as stated in study abstract “These findings suggest a nutritional approach of using Vit C for preventing Dox-induced cardiotoxicity and better management of cancer patients.”
    2) A significant relationship between plasma vitamin C concentration and physical performance among ***anese elderly women. from abstract "... After adjusting for the confounding factors, the quartile plasma vitamin C level was significantly correlated with the subject's handgrip strength (p for trend = .0004) and ability to stand on one leg with eyes open (p for trend = .049).
    CONCLUSIONS: In community-dwelling elderly women, the concentration of plasma vitamin C related well to their muscle strength and physical performance.

    3) Vitamin C and fibre consumption from fruits and vegetables improves oxidative stress markers in healthy young adults.
    4) Changes in markers of inflammation, antioxidant capacity and oxidative stress in smokers following consumption of milk, and milk supplemented with fruit and vegetable extracts and vitamin C. "Therefore, regular consumption of the supplemented milks may confer health benefits because of increased antioxidant potential or through mechanisms resulting from increased vitamin C or decreased uric acid concentrations."
    5) Vitamin C prevents hyperoxia-mediated coronary vasoconstriction and impairment of myocardial function in healthy subjects. /* This study strikes me as notable but may require some background. The administration of high concentration oxygen to people with some acute or chronic illnesses can cause some unwanted changes in circulation. In this study 8 healthy volunteers were given supplemental oxygen. It was noted that coronary blood velocity then decreased 28 percent, coronary artery resistance increased 34 percent and left ventricle blood flow velocity decreased 11 percent. */ "These effects on flow and function were eliminated by the infusion of vitamin C, suggesting that these changes are mediated by vitamin C-quenchable substances acting on the coronary microcirculation."
    6) Intravenous ascorbic acid (vitamin C) administration in myomectomy: a prospective, randomized, clinical trial. /* Myomectomy is a uterine surgery. This randomized trial took place in 102 patients in two groups. Group A received 2 grams vitamin C intravenously pre-operation. The conclusion doesn't really do it justice so I'll quote the results section.*/
    "RESULTS: The blood loss (521.44 ± 199.24 vs. 932.9 ± 264.38 ml; p value <0.001), duration of the operation time (42 ± 13.9 vs. 68 ± 21.7 min; p value <0.001), days of hospitalization (2.7 ± 0.69 vs. 3.1 ± 0.59 days; p value 0.002) in group A were significantly less than in group B (p value 0.001). The chance risk ratio of a blood transfusion in group A was 0.4 (7.7 vs. 18% 95% CI of 0.1-1; p value 0.07). ... Ho hummm
    7) Cytoprotective effect of vitamin C against gentamicin-induced acute kidney injury in rats. /* Gentamicin is an antibiotic that can cause kidney damage */ "Concomitant administration of gentamicin and vitamin C resulted in a significant reduction of morphological and functional kidney alterations."
    8) Vitamin C attenuates the physiological and behavioural changes induced by long-term exposure to noise. "We conclude that vitamin C supplementation can attenuate or prevent the psychological and physiological damage induced by prolonged noise exposure in mice."
    9) Ascorbate-dependent decrease of the mucosal immune inflammatory response to gliadin in coeliac disease patients. "Ascorbate decreases the mucosal inflammatory response to gluten in an intestinal biopsy culture model, so it might have a role in future supplementary therapy in CD."
    10) Vitamin C in sepsis. " Therefore, it may be possible to improve microvascular function in sepsis by using intravenous vitamin C as an adjunct therapy."
    11) Vitamin C transport and its role in the central nervous system.
    12) The hepatoprotective potential of Spirulina and vitamin C supplemention in cisplatin toxicity. Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic that can damage the liver. "The supplementation of Spirulina and vitamin C could effectively bring down the levels of these enzymes. Light microscopy also showed that cisplatin treatment induced liver injury and that histopathological abnormalities were prevented by Spirulina and vitamin C supplementation."
    13) The effect of monosodium glutamate on the cerebellar cortex of male albino rats and the protective role of vitamin C (histological and immunohistochemical study). /* Never heard this one before. MSG is a very common food additive which can cause neuronal damage. See neurosurgeon Dr Russel Blaylock's research and writings for background */ "In conclusion, MSG has neurotoxic effect leading to degenerative changes in neurons and astrocytes in cerebellar cortex of albino rats and vitamin C supplementation could protect from these changes."
    14) Effect of vitamin C depletion on UVR-B induced cataract in SMP30/GNL knockout mice. "In conclusion, VC depletion may increase the susceptibility to develop UVR-B induced cataracts in mice unable to endogenously produce VC."
    15) Vitamin C for DNA damage prevention.
    16) Combination of glucan, resveratrol and vitamin C demonstrates strong anti-tumor potential.
    17) Effect of vitamin C deficiency during postnatal development on adult behavior: functional phenotype of Gulo(-/-) knockout mice. "The subnormal movement, combined with hypersensitivity to a dopamine agonist, point to developmental ascorbate deficiency causing long-term striatal dysfunction."
    18) Melatonin and vitamin C ameliorate alcohol-induced oxidative stress and eNOS expression in rat kidney.
    19) Intravenous vitamin C administration reduces fatigue in office workers: a double-blind randomized controlled trial. "Thus, intravenous vitamin C reduced fatigue at two hours, and the effect persisted for one day. There were no significant differences in adverse events between two groups. High dose intravenous vitamin C proved to be safe and effective against fatigue in this study."

    I apologize, that was only six months worth of studies, will try to do a part two at some point for the most recent six months. Of course one might also expand the search to include ascorbate or ascorbic acid in the title and get more studies.


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