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  • This forum is for the Bedini Monopole Energizer Kits available for purchase. Available now at
  • This forum is for those that are advanced in the Bedini SG circuits.
  • This forum is for those that have intermediate experience with the Bedini SG & SSG circuits.
  • This forum is dedicated to beginners who want to learn the basics about the Bedini SG and related circuits.
  • Private forum for those who are attending the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. You can network with others for business, coordinate rental car sharing at airports, etc...
  • Official discussion on the SG oscillator circuits.
  • A master of using the Aether for the purposes of manipulating the weather. Trevor Constable's work spans many years and is backed by a plethora of documentation.
  • His work is strongly focused on recovering magnetic losses in circuits and he is the presenter that is highlighted in the popular Magnetic Energy Secrets video. He is the founder of a multi-million dollar company that utilizes advanced magnetic recovery methods for decreasing energy draw in lighting and motor circuits.
  • Marvin Cole is the real creator of the methods behind the "Gray Motor" that has been one of the leading fascinations in the "Free Energy" world.
  • A conceptualist who has correlated mountains of information between various sources that relate to advanced energy science.
  • A past M.I.T. professor, Bruce DePalma has numerous patents, videos and written works on various topics of energy science especially with N-Machines and inertia related science.
  • The glaciation process is when glaciers grind on rocks and these minerals mix with the water to form glacial "milk" that flows out to the sea. This is where the sea minerals come from to begin with. There are ways to grind rock (basalt) and add it to the soil for superior mineralization and that is known as rock dust.
  • Since the average American home wastes 50% of it's energy, having a superior weatherization & insulation package is the first place to start to have a green home.
  • The average home in America for example uses 50% of it's energy for heating and cooling. And, 50% of the average home's energy use is wasted! So focusing on reducing heating and cooling costs gives you some of the biggest bang for the buck.
  • Aquaponics is a hydroponics plant growth method utilizing fish waste as the fertilizer and is one of the highest food per square foot density growing methods available.
  • This forum is for the discussion of different electronic methods to stimulate plant growth. That includes sound, radiant energy, etc...
  • These soil organism are symbiotic with the roots of different plants. They attach to the roots and grow as extensions of the roots, which gives more surface area to uptake nutrients and water. These organisms have a choice home, which is charred biomass (biochar). These organisms break down the rock minerals and make them available to the plant.
  • Charred biomass is one of the crucial components that needs to be added to the soil so the soil organisms have a good home, bio-available carbon is available to the plants, water retention is increased as well as other benefits.
  • This forum is the Official Bedini SG forum for the basic SG, SSG, Dual Battery Charger, solid state oscillators, motor kits and other SG related circuits designed by John Bedini. It also continues the discussions from the old Yahoo Monopole 1, Monopole 2, and Monopole 3 Groups.
  • This forum is for discussion about the Window Motors from Ron Cole and John Bedini.
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