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Grounding the Human Body for Health_Nature has the Answer

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  • BabaGlee
    Yes definitely agree.
    Our bodies are like capacitors storing electrical charge like a broad spectrum Sponge.
    That inturn affects every cell in our body resulting in the Calcium gates opening across the cell membranes to
    release calcium to protect the cell like a shell around a soft body. This leaves the cell vulnerable to Pathogens.

    Earthing the body is going to drain the built up un-natural charge, but if you have no Boron, magnesium and selenium
    in your body your parathyroid glands are not going to be able to produce the Hormones to regulate the Calcium outside
    your cell membranes to return inside where it belongs. Fluoride agitates Boron out of water which is your main source of
    boron. Fluoride also Agitates Boron out of your body.

    So you need to keep taking these trace minerals continuously and/or wear a Quantum Scalar pendant over your Para Thyroid glands.
    Scalar pendants are made from Japanese volcanic rock which is high in rare earth minerals like Boron, selenium magnesium and germanium.
    The resonant presence of these minerals over your Parathyroid gland is enough to resonate/catalytically trigger the chemical pathways to produce the
    hormones that regulate Calcium through-out your body. Q.E.D.

    I hope this information helps you to maintain a healthier state and continue dabbling in electronics.

    Boron is the Fifth Element. Its a remarkable substance, naturally occurring as Borax.
    There are many remarkable things Boron can do in the energetic science area, but
    most importantly it can assist you to protect yourself from EMF radiation.

    Blusheild is another active wireless device that triggers the cells calcium gates to open and restore calcium balance.

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  • psykopanther
    so electronic systems are bad for the body? yet we have a 38 page thread on the beck device here saying other wise? which one to believe lol

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  • Jolias
    Yea I agree that all the electronic system destroyed the internal immune system very badly therefore for making the body muscles and to keep it much strong and better necessary one thing to use always the manual systems for exercise for taking better results.

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  • offline111
    Thanks for the links! This is really useful information! EMF is a huge problem in this country and the methods given in this video series are the simple and free solution. Dr. Mercola has an interview of David Wolfe as well, so this is not a "fringe technology". Here is the link:

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  • Jeetu
    'Dirt Cheap' !

    A Video Game named " SYNDCIATE " they used the name 'Dirt Cheap' and the story of the game build on this 'Dirt Cheap' i hope you know about it

    Good Bye

    Thank you

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  • 360
    started a topic Grounding the Human Body for Health_Nature has the Answer

    Grounding the Human Body for Health_Nature has the Answer

    The 'Dirt Cheap' secret to maintaining a healthy immune system & reduction of Pain/Inflamation!
    Grounding the Human Body for Health, Nature has the Answer.

    Electronic devices can make you sick by destroying your immune system.
    Specially in cold dry weather were the static electricity is naturally higher!

    Here are but some of many videos regarding the Health Benefits of touching the Earth.

    iPad vrs. Kindle - EARTHING Video
    iPad vrs. Kindle - EARTHING Video - YouTube

    David Wolfe's Earthing Experiment - Part One - YouTube
    David Wolfe's Earthing Experiment - Part One
    (There's 5 Parts total)