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Four Wave Mixing

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    4 Wave Mixing

    You do not need to be intimated by anybody especially by me. I for one am happy you’re into electronics. Even if were in two different fields it is possible that something can come of all this.
    I only share the experiments I have done in this field. I have always looked at the body as one of the best machines built; just think of all the crap it can take. Anyway welcome and post what you want. In my opinion people are free to speak their minds here. Please do post more. If you have any question on what I did then just ask, anyway welcome. In a short answer to you yes someone did. It is worth looking into.
    John B
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    John Bedini
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      All ICís are 555 timers mixers; the pots are for adjusting the frequencyís. (The aero is the wiper on the pot)
      The colors are the wire coming out of the Radio Shack mini Transformer. The capacitors can all be disc type. You may adjust the machine between .8Hz to 8 Hz all resistors can be ľ watt standard in the industry and 3watt resistors are not required. They can all be 5% good enough. The 386 chip is an amplifier that is used to drive the transformer. The AE, BB, BE were wave shapes I was thinking about at the time. Hope this helps, sorry I missed this post.

      Originally posted by TheGooch View Post
      Hi John,
      I attended the 2012 Conference (my first one) and was blown away. I'm a huge fan. I've been watching your videos and learning electronics with any spare time I can find. You are my hero.

      Now that I finally got to get that off my chest, I have some questions about the schematic:

      1) When I look at the schematic, I see .0047uF and .1 to 8 Cps. I'm assuming the 2 differences in the above quote are typos? Can you please confirm?

      2) Also, on the schematic I see "ORANGE" and "WHITE" but I'm not 100% sure what they are referring to. Above the "ORANGE" and to the left I see an LED, so I was thinking maybe the "ORANGE" was referring to that (a light to say the machine is on). As for the "WHITE", could it be the color of the wire coming out of the Radio Shack transformer (I ordered one but it hasn't arrived yet)?

      3) To the left of the 386 chip, between pin 3 and the 100K pot, what does that arrow pointing up mean? I've tried looking at tons of schematics to find one of these and a description of what it means, but no luck. As I mentioned earlier I'm new to electronics and trying to learn on the fly, so please don't be too harsh.

      4) I noticed some of the capacitors don't have a + or - and some are drawn with a short line and a longer line. I'm assuming the ones on the Phase Gen Mixer should be ceramic capacitors as they don't have polarity from what I understand. Can you please elaborate on the capacitors that should be used (ceramic for Phase Gen, electrolytic for other?, etc.) please?

      5) For the resistors, on one of them you mention it should be 1/4W, what does this mean for the ones that aren't labeled? I've been looking at buying 3W resistors everywhere to be safe but not sure if that's required or if there's a downside to that (from what I can tell, there's no downside but I'd like to be sure before I buy them).

      6) At the bottom of the schematic you have a light drawing of 3 square waves(?) that looks like it says 10v DC, 9.5, and 8.9. Above them are labels AE, BB, and BE. Can you please explain what these are?

      I'm sorry if some of these questions are to 'newbie' but I'm hoping you will help me.

      Thank You for everything you have done and everything you continue to do.

      -Mike Boulet
      John Bedini
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        moving on

        Originally posted by ZPDM View Post
        Tom C,

        To be honest I think I was just being defensive because I start to take free energy more seriously and it intimidates me. That said one might make light of casual hero worship. I mean TheGooch and you Tom C (and John Bedini) are my heroes but really should I really go beyond this? By the Way, sorry for taking things off topic.
        enoughsaid. good luck in your research. anyone interested seriously in vitamin research and cancer research, needs to read the gerson therapy, writen by charlotte gerson, and also the book doctor yourself, and the vitmin C cure for cancer. niacin, vitamin c and d are all you need to cure most everthing. IV vitamin C in the 250 to 350 thousand mlligrams dosages daily WILL cure Cancer more often than not. this was done in clinical trials many times over.

        Tom C

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          Originally posted by amigo View Post

          Thank you for the above post - will you be making more posts like it as I feel there is a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped into?

          Personally I'd love to have physician(s) be part of this or any other group and take interest into electromagnetics (and other non-conventionial methods) because very seldom I see scientists cross the boundaries of their disciplines. They are generally locked in their own field of research, and not generally because they would not want to cross it, but because of whatever vested interests pay the bills.

          Also, since I doubt the rest of us here are qualified physicians, having an expert in the medical field (even GP) could greatly add into further research and understanding of why things happen and how, from all points of view be it electrical or medical.

          I also thought about commenting on your post but I feel I'd be preaching to the choir. Besides, my information is what I read elsewhere on the Web and not really my own. I don't like being a parrot when I can help it. Although some of the things you said come to me as common sense because of my background (place I come from) where these things are known among people (baking soda, honey, etc) and are passed generation to generation.
          Thx Amigo and I think your second paragraph sums things up to a T. I realize I am off topic and in future will try to stay closer on topic however as I have John Bedini's welcome and invitation to keep posting I'll say a bit more. If you wish further reading on this here are a few links. For the baking soda in chronic kidney disease here is a free full text review of the literature from the American Journal of Nephrology, March 2012. It is a bit dry reading, however the bottom line might be found in the discussion section where it states, "Our analysis revealed a net improvement in GFR of 3.2 ml/min/1.73 m 2 and a 79% risk reduction in the incidence of dialysis requirement by alkali therapy over the time span of the longterm trials. These results have potentially important implications for the clinical course of patients with CKD and the economics of end-stage kidney disease programs." So this was just oral baking soda and the dose about a 1/2 tea spoon in these studies. Chronic Kidney Disease is I believe the sixth most common casuse of mortality in the U.S.

          For the salt and heart disease here is the 2011 Journal of the American Medical Association study. JAMA Network | JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association | Fatal and Nonfatal Outcomes, Incidence of Hypertension, and Blood Pressure Changes in Relation to Urinary Sodium Excretion
          In this large prospective population the quartile of people who ate the most salt (as measured through urinary salt excretion) had 1/5 the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease as the quartile that ate the least salt. The study is important as well in that it is looking at actual heart disease rates (not a surrogate marker such as blood pressure - though the effect on BP wasn't seen as very large in this study either) and the endpoint of death is as clinically relevant as you get. Heart Disease is the number one killer in the U.S. In this large study at least eating more salt decreased deaths from heart disease by 80 percent. The American College of Cardiology still maintains its low salt campaign.

          For vitamin C reading I would recommend Dr. Thomas Levy, MD JD. some of his "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins" is available for free on his website Books by Dr. Levy. Finally here are two reprints of Dr. Edward Klenners work with vitamin C, the first a 1949 paper dealing with his cures of Polio and other virus and the second from 1971 dealing with other therapeutic uses of IV vitamin C.
          Dr. Klenner: C as Polio Cure (1949)
          Klenner 1971 Vitamin C paper

          At some point here I will probably restart my medical blog and will be certain to try and let you know. Thanks for the encouragement.


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            Originally posted by Tom C View Post
            enoughsaid. good luck in your research. anyone interested seriously in vitamin research and cancer research, needs to read the gerson therapy, writen by charlotte gerson, and also the book doctor yourself, and the vitmin C cure for cancer. niacin, vitamin c and d are all you need to cure most everthing. IV vitamin C in the 250 to 350 thousand mlligrams dosages daily WILL cure Cancer more often than not. this was done in clinical trials many times over.

            Tom C
            Thx Tom, I did a longer reply to Amigo that provides some medical references, it is currently being reviewed by a moderator perhaps related to the many included links. I would also add to your excellent list Dr. Thomas Levy MD JD's writings on vitamin C. I have also done a review of the medical literature on vitamin C in cancer and written this up as a 15 page medical monograph. I know John Bedini also stated he was interested in this area so in my reply to him I will see if I can't include it as attachment for anyone on the board to take a look at.


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              Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
              You do not need to be intimated by anybody especially by me. I for one am happy youíre into electronics. Even if were in two different fields it is possible that something can come of all this.
              I only share the experiments I have done in this field. I have always looked at the body as one of the best machines built; just think of all the crap it can take. Anyway welcome and post what you want. In my opinion people are free to speak their minds here. Please do post more. If you have any question on what I did then just ask, anyway welcome. In a short answer to you yes someone did. It is worth looking into.
              John B
              John Many Thanks for your repeated welcomes and invitation to post more it is deeply appreciated. Will try and offer a little and ask a little about your 4 wave mixing technology, have to also just say that you were being very generous in your previous post when you said sometimes doctors drugs don't work. At least if you look at the assement of FDA medical reviewer David Graham (MD MPH - 2nd in his class at Johns Hopkins, Harvard MPH) he estimates that Vioxx likely killed 60,000 people while on the market. So about as many Americans as died in the Vietnam War though in a slightly shorter time frame. It is not just that we physicians are generally arrogant a$$s, we're dangerous too.

              Okay so with the 4 wave mixing technology this is beyond my skills at least at this time to try and build, here is my guess on the electronics end though I may be all wrong here. So you have a pulsed DC square wave, this square wave is then modulated (amplitude modulation?) by the 555 chips so you get 4 superimposed waves in the square wave I am guessing this is a "carrier wave". Again with how new electronics is to me I may be entirely off base about your circuit.

              While I am not disputing that you are seeing the effects on living organisms that you say you are I have to apologize and say I have no idea why it would effect things in the way it does. There is a big difference between having a correct theory or understanding of mechanism of action though and just noting clinical effects. Actually theory has often been a huge stumbling block in medicine. For instance Dr. Ignaz Semmelwies reported meticulous data showing that sterilyzing one's hands before child birth basically eliminated maternal deaths from child bed fever (blood infection->sepsis). Becasue there was no theory for his findings his results were dismissed and ridiculed. Dr. Charles Meig of the Philadelphia college of medicine replied "Physicians are gentlemen and gentlemen's hands are clean". So 10s of thousands of women were condmened to a lingering death from infection because of theory, (and the arrogance of physicians).

              So when I again say I'm sorry I don't know why your machine would work, this is not me saying you aren't seeing what your eyes showed you or you are not getting the results you say you are, just I don't know why it does that. I will throw out a few related thoughts that maybe people can as you mentioned use towards a new discovery.

              First, if it is killing viruses, when you get down to unecapsulated viruses all you have left are a few dozen proteins and a strand of DNA. There are commonalities amongst proteins at the level of the same amino acids being used, however proteins are incredibly diverse in terms of three dimesional structure so if I had to guess about what is it your machine is interacting with I would tenatively go with DNA. But that's all you got in an unencapsulated virus, protein and DNA so its one or the other

              DNA is more complex and less fully understood then its general presentation. For instance, we know from the work of Frtiz-Albert Popp that once you have a sufficiently sensitive light detector DNA is documented as emitting coherent photons of light. About 5 percent of the genome in humans codes for proteins, as we don't have a theory for the rest it is relegated to "junk DNA" status. There are some problems here as well. Some of this junk DNA is evolutionarily conserved, or put differently, the exact same sequences keep showing up in widely different life forms. Thirdly, and I won't pretend to understand the methodologies behind these studies would just say that when linguists and statisticians looked at the genome they found the sequences followed the rules for language (grammer and syntax) and that this finding was more pronounced in the non-coding DNA regions.

              In the late 1980s there was a paper from I believe the Albert Eistein college of medicine that detailed that microcurrents of electicity in a test tube killed the AIDS virus in blood. I believe it was this paper that led the late Bob Beck to develop his blood electrifier. My again very limited understanding would be that Beck's approach used an unmodulated pulsed DC square wave. If we trust Dr. Beck was also an observant and honest researcher, he reported a number of anectodal biological effects, incuding on viruses and cancer. This being the case we now have the question of whether there are two seperate effects going on with a pulsed "mixed wave" approach one from the pulsed DC and one from the modulation or does the wave modulation augment the effect of simple pulsed DC? Without going into time-reversal or all the strange things Tom Bearden says that I can't follow though I wish I could as he obviously finds it so interesting, I am left with a resonant effect again likely related to DNA or some form of information transfer as why this set-up would have such strong biological effects. The really most difficult and astonishing part of this, is how would your machine discrimate between host and pathogen, I mean it is not a huge deal to kill something with electricty, but again if one is killing bacteria, why aren't the patients cells or mitochondria also dying? Perhaps the host is just more resistant, or that's why I am guessing maybe there is some resonant effect common to nearly all pathogens but not higher organisms, or there is some other form of information transfer that recognizes an electromagnetic difference between the patient and the pathogen.

              The sad thing is it just needs to be clinically studied and it likely won't be anytime soon, the diffculty in not having a good theory is it becomes a problem to know how much to generalize, will it work the same in children as in adults, in this bug as that bug.

              One last thing and then I'll shut up. Back when I had my medical blog going there was a computer science professor from MIT that I tried to interest in what is a pretty far out research idea, but it would just take a good molecular modeller and a few cents worth of computer processing to look into. This will tie into electromagnetics in a moment. The question that bothers me is how the heck do proteins get made so fast. To explain, in making a protein that is say 200 amino acids long each of 20 different amino acids has to first bump into (in the correct orientation and with sufficient energy) its own unique carrier protein the amino acid/carrier protein combo then has to get to the factory, (the ribsome) in the correct orientation and at the exact time that the ribosome needs that particular amino acid from the DNA transcript (the mRNA) that it is translating into a protein. Oh and the mRNA template had to bump into the ribsome after diffusing out of the nucleus. If you think of a cell as a big water filled beach ball with tiny concentrations of amino acids and thousands of other molecules scattered about, even with some compartmentalization going on you would think on the face of it, that by simple diffusion it would take 100 years to make a protein. So if you had a computer molecular modeller they could look at the concentrations the diffusion rates the binding energies and so forth and either say, "well no even by simple diffusion you can upregulate production of proteins in minutes" or "it would take 100 years" in which case it would not be that the DNA->RNA->protein paradigm is wrong just not sufficient. I.e. there would have to be other levels of organization and communication going on. The one might ask well are those other levels of organization mediated in part or whole by electromagnetics. Never got anywhere with the study, oh well.

              Many Thanks again for the welcome.


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                Originally posted by John_Bedini View Post
                Good To Have you here.
                Your right Screw me, but in my years of research I might say with medical doctors, they came to see me for electronics I did not go to them. I can only report what I did find. This is not saying that it will work, just like your drugs do not work in all cases either. So screw you right back. I'm of the opinion to let you have your say here, you might help somebody and maybe not. But your free to speak your mind. On the other hand someone just might make a discovery that does help.
                Well John I'm a physician so almost by definition it makes me an arrogant jerk. And in all honesty Thank You for the welcome. You mentioned at some point that you also were interested in vitamin C. I am going to try and attach a 15 page medical monograph I wrote on vitamin C in cancer, perhaps you or others on the board will enjoy it or find it of some use. Ah it is as I feared too big a file, if there is an e-mail address for the forum I could send it along to that if you think you or others would enjoy it. At some point I will proabably restart my medical blog and I have a good deal of information on vitamins C, D and other topics there. Would also keep me from cluttering your threads with information not directly related to energy science. Thx.


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         is saul abrahm's website, he has many books on the subject. also the journal of orthomolecular medicine is a great resource for data.

                  Tom C

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                    Carmenbees Synchrotheraphy


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                      Hello, was wondering if I could get some help on identifing several notes and components on the circuit diagram provided by john?Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 6.25.40 PM.jpg


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                        I'm sorry for the small image, I'll try to upload a larger one.


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                          Okay, I'm having trouble uploading the entire image so I'll just post my most pressing question; Can John or anyone identify the component pictured below?
                          Screen Shot 2012-08-31 at 6.45.51 PM.jpg


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                            Have posted maybe three lengthy reponses which got a "needs to be reviewed by a moderator" response. I thought this perhaps appropriate in my case, however, I now understand that it may simply have been an overzealous spam filter and my reponses may have been lost into the luminerous ether. To try and avoid any misunderstandings I will try and synopsize what I said before in brief resposnes to see if I get past the spam filter.
                            Amigo, thx for the welcome, previously provided the references from the literature for my statements if you or others wanted further reading.
                            John Bedini, many humble thanks for the repeated welcomes and the invitation to keep posting. I felt obligated to try and write two or three pages in response about something I really know little about. To summarize, (and I don't even know if I make sense here) my understanding is your machine is a pulsed DC carrier wave. It is currently beyond my electronics level to build. I then rambled for awhile about Fritz-Albert Popp's coherent biophotons from DNA, linguistic analysis of DNA, Bob Becks pulsed DC electrolyzer, and conserved areas of junk DNA. So really what it boils down to is that, as with vitamin C, I don't know what's going on here from a medical theory standpoint. Also, per your stated interest in vitamin C I would be happy to send along a medical monograph I wrote on vitamin C in cancer, however, it is too large a file to attach. If there is an e-mail for the forum, I'd be happy to send it out for you and others. Finally I have something perhaps pretty relevant to add and will include that in a further response.


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                              Originally posted by j prez View Post
                              Okay, I'm having trouble uploading the entire image so I'll just post my most pressing question; Can John or anyone identify the component pictured below?
                              It's an optocoupler. I've never heard of a H11AA1, but H11D1 or H11D3 are pretty common.

                              John K.


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                                In attempting to do a little research to have something worthwile to add to this thread I did stumble upon something interesting a couple days ago.

                                Dr. Norm Shealy is an MD PhD neurosurgoen who played a large part in the development of transcutaeous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) in the treatment of chronic pain. TENS is about the only area where conventional and electromagnetic medicine now happily overlap. Well in his retirement he reports that he is now working on treating a wide variety of ailments using a copper cone attached to a Tesla coil (similar to Lakovsky). He recently reports he has done a controlled clinical trial (yea!) and had positive results (Yea!!!). So we now have a very credentialled physician evaluating in the accepted conventional manner electromagnetic therapy and documenting results. In addition, he reports an effect from this electromagnetic approach on telomere length. Without trying to review this whole topic telomeres are highly correlated with biologic aging and there is a clear mechanism of action for why this may be so. They are still new and not that validated so I would say I am 80-90 percent certain they play some role in aging. Though even if that's the case things aren't always simple, so for instance if you consider the issue of tissue penetration you could end up with say younger rejuventated blood that is more taxing to say unaffected liver cells and just end-up with a weird accelerated pattern of aging, even if all the assumptions were correct. Would also just point out that there is a published study in the literature that looked at vitamin D blood levels and telomere length. Those with higher vitamin D levels on average had longer telomeres and if the correlation between telomeres and aging is not coincident, this length differrence (between the highest and lowest quartile groupings) would correspond to approximately 5 years of biologic aging. Here is a video of Dr Shealy talking about his recent work Dr. Norm Shealy - RejuvaMatrix (R) SolarHomeopathy (R) - YouTube

                                So it is pretty rare to see actual conventional medical data being generated for electromagnetic therapies, especially in the U.S., such as Dr. Shealy is doing. If I can ever help, as someone with a medical background, in helping to generate collaborative research of the four wave mixing technology let me know. In one more post, I want to offer a few ideas at least from my particular bias, of what might be an eventual possible type of way forward in clinical evaluation of four wave mixing technology.