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Synchronicity and Epiphany

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  • Synchronicity and Epiphany

    Dear All,

    Its been a while that the forum is apparently gone in a hibernation mode,and mostly so ever since John's untimely demise.
    I feel previliged to bring into the notice of the members here to spare few moments on this remarkable book written by Aaron Murakami on Synchronicity.
    I perosonally have Synchronistic experiences that brings me here years ago and i'm sure its the case with most of others as well!
    Synchronicity is in a way Mental Energy over Matter interaction and as such there is nothing such as 'Coincidential' everything that appears at a glance as 'Coincidental' is a destined and meaningful occurence.I therefore considered to have this thread under the Energy Thread of this Forum
    The very inclination to read this book is Synchronistic..every word you read is kind of premonition to what you understand with least difficulty.
    I urge you guys to buy this book...its a worth while read for experimenters and tinkerers..
    Epiphany occures with practice and is a pronounced Synchronicity.
    I liked the way Aaron compared Time compression Energy in practical life as with the Tesla Impulse Technology that we all are here after in this Energy forum.
    synchronicity (1).pdf
    Best Regards,
    'Wisdom comes from living out of the knowledge.'