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Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook

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    Originally posted by Tom C View Post
    You will have to search elsewhere for plans on building a magnetic generator... I do not know of ANY right now that are not hoaxes.

    Tom C
    K, but it is in contract base what did John Benedi say to me about free energy. Anything from Benedi with Magnet makes me think free energy, but you say it is not a magnetic generator. Well, not have to be exactly as magnetic generator, but handbook that is design for study radient energy. When it say 'This Bedini SG handbook covers the Bedini SG & Bedini SSG circuits with full how-to plans showing the EXACT specifications that John uses to build his own energizers and all other information directly related only to the Bedini SG & Bedini SSG circuits.', as for energizers that match for generator to make energy that reduce electronic bills. And at website that I read before when I then write to you after I read it first. '"The Bedini SG Is The First, REAL FREE ENERGY MACHINE ....'" so it says free energy machine that means a machine that I will get energy. And people that use it and it says that in 'Bedini SG - The Complete Beginner's Handbook' for online free that is free. It says ' What if the power goes out and you have a battery as your source..' So that means Bedini is an energy source that I can use. So, it means I must use battery. So, it is a battery generator or battery and magnet combine generator. Anyway, like the little girl use at school fair to use Bedini SG to change the battery to get energy. So, that means I can get energy at home that I can make and receive energy from plugs. Ya say ya don't know that are not hoaxes, but John Bedini is not a hoax, and he have energy device that might not use energy from company at all or use little from energy company. Ya are same as John, so ya will say the same thing as John that my message is wrong or right?? Basically, what I read from online that is free for Bedini that is free online as short version that say with release of this book, I can get it right first time and build do it yourself project that is energizers. As energizers that receive energy from device that is free, not buy energy from company. But create, at least, indirectly create energy from device that I build to reduce bills. The reason I put alot of words so there is proof I got info from what I explain to you that lead me to believe I can build energy device for first time or 'do it right the first time' as it says from online free version. So that is why ya say is a opposite from what I read or it is misunderstood. I am not looking for exactly picture that I can copy because it might be too big, or not enough energy or whatever. Just a customize device that I can pick the part. Most important parts and most important gap between part to device. So, the right distance and right length. So, a perfect 3D device that I can build. It leads me a simple book that can give me everything to build an energy device. A bible for free energy device as small picture, that is parts. I build that will cause big picture as a whole, like I saw in handbook from Bedini SG that is a big wheel that go around with red circuit wire loop below the wheel.

    Another thing, I didn't get email from you that when you send to me reply, I didn't get email. How do I get email from you and only you that you will reply. So, I don't have to guess ya will reply or not.


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      How can i buy the actual book in the UK and not the e-book?


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        the book is only available electronically.

        Tom C

        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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          oh ok thanks Tom. It feels good to be getting back into this again. Had to put my first build on stop for ages. Can't wait to get my toolbox out hehe