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Disclosure - Transforming Generator by Jim Murray

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  • Disclosure - Transforming Generator by Jim Murray

    Today, we're releasing Jim Murray's presentation on one of the most astounding generator technologies you'll see in your entire life!

    The presentation is called Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator and Jim had this patented back in the 1970's in Germany and a few other countries, but it was blocked here in the United States.

    The intended purpose of the Transforming Generator, which is a hybrid that brings together a transformer and generator in one embodiment, was to study the difference between Voltage Potential and Electromotive Force (EMF).

    This machine is so profound that through the use of POSITIVE FEEDBACK, it spins itself up to self destructive speeds, can light mercury vapor lamps at 200-300% more lumens per watt, uses a circular rotation to create square waves and other feats that defy conventional understanding!

    Get your copy now: Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator by Jim Murray

    Normally, you only hear or see about motors/generators that spin up so fast they destroy themselves in sci-fi movies, but here is THE REAL THING that Jim has mastered decades ago.

    This is the first public disclosure on the inner workings of this remarkable machine and we're honored to be able to offer the exclusive first release - Jim even gives a simple explanation of how you can build one with an off the shelf motor so you don't have to have a 5 Figure budget!

    The introductory special for Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator expires this Friday the 5th.

    Get your copy now: Fundamentals of the Transforming Generator by Jim Murray

    Aaron Murakami


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    Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami - Introductory special expires tonight midnight: Cold Electricity by Aaron Murakami
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    Aaron Murakami

    You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

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    From the link above:

    "In some early testing with an early prototype, Guy Obolensky helped out and he figured out that he could add some capacitors in parallel with some of the windings in order to get it into a resonant mode, when I came back to pick it up, he hesitantly told me that he blew up my machine because it kicked into resonance and literally sped itself up to self-destruct speeds.

    The way the machine evolved eliminated the needs for capacitors becase the coils themselves had capacitance but this was all an amazing journey of discovery with the Transforming Generator, which demonstrated the kinds of things you normally only see in the movies... Another interesting feature of this machine is that althrough it is a rotating device, it creates square waves and these square waves can actually be used as carrier waves that can transmit information."

    Looks very similar to what Erfinder had been discussing and demonstrating. Just thought I would toss that out there.