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    The Fuel Cell Today Industry Review 2012 reports annual fuel cell system shipments (excluding toys and education kits) in 2011 were 24,600 growing by 39% compared to 2010, led by increases in the stationary sector. 2011 was by far the most successful year to date in the history of fuel cells with annual megawatts shipped exceeding 100 MW for the first time as commercialisation of the industry took hold. Growth in shipments was recorded in the majority of applications and we expect all sectors to grow through 2012.
    The 2012 Review forecasts annual shipments in 2012 will triple compared to 2011 to reach a total of over 78,000 for the full year led by sales of chargers for consumer electronic devices. Annual megawatts shipped are expected to grow by over 60%, to around 176 MW, mainly due to shipments of large stationary fuel cells. Increases are also expected across all other application categories.
    PEMFC will remain the dominant electrolyte in system shipments in 2012 but growth will also be seen in SOFC with increased uptake in stationary power applications. Annual megawatts of SOFC, PAFC and MCFC shipped will all increase due to growth in the large stationary power sector.
    Government-led projects have supported the commercialisation of fuel cells for many years in Asia, Europe and North America and this has led to cost reduction, technological advancements and customer acceptance. Fuel cells for MHV and UPS applications are now selling without subsidies and so these regions can now plan to reduce their support, confident that purchases of fuel cell units will continue.
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      Originally posted by dnice
      Just check out Joe booker on YouTube. He explains how you can run n engine on air. The Germans did this to their military vehicles. It's all about frequency. If you change to Race fuel your car won't run too well until you adjust the timing (frequency) or if you have spark and your getting fuel to your engine but the timing is off, it will run horribly if at all. So it all comes down to the proper frequency for each fuel including air. How to create this frequency is a whole other story
      Sorry but Joe engine use kerosene like and diesel transforming that in an autoignition engine. Here we are talking of make plasma from air and ionized really the oxygen and nitrogen using very lowerr amount of fuel just as igniter.


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        Originally posted by dnice
        Joe doesnt use kerosene. I don't know where your getting that info from.

        Please snt me right youtube video or we are talking of nothing..