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Reworked design #2 for S1R9A9M9 Relays

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  • Reworked design #2 for S1R9A9M9 Relays

    After studying original wiring schematic , a 2nd design of original "special" dual coils relays was rebuilt for testing Briggs Mower engine on water vapor pressure + Hydrogen. This one will later be tested when ignition modification is completed for higher voltage. The 2008 demonstration had the high voltage going through 2 coils in series with 12 volts fed in. The high + low volts fired spark plug same time, at much delayed engine timing. (Series connection was for single cyl engine only) The new 4" by 4" box is smaller, lighter, takes up less space than the PVC pipe and holds vacuum on mounted gauge, for the interior magnetic spark gap. Two types of diodes are mounted on inside and outside . The twin inductors are held in with hot melt glue. Those of you who were following the data on the S1R9A9M9 engine tests and web site, will now know about substitutions being possible on the "Special" relays back at that time. The original parties were not able to figure them out properly. Only those small sealed vacuum relays were able to allow engines to run smoothly with loads applied at various RPM's with water in carburaters 2005-2012.
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