I have seen this guy that builds these gravity wheels on a few videos over the years and seems like he uses some of the impact principles in the device.
here are a couple of videos, there are better ones available. as well as diagrams somewhere.
Just a heads up in case you guys want to combine principles or something.
free energy gravity wheel - YouTube
free energy gravity wheel machine in action showing start and stop from Bob Kostoff - YouTube

While everybody is trying to replicate I thinking towards integrating concepts.

A good example is of this principle is John bedini integrating his earlier device that consisted of a separate
motor a flywheel and an energizer and he integrated the principle together
in one unit to come up with the SG

Move from perceptual thinking to conceptual thinking and then onward to contextual thinking to get out of the box. Dam it !
Combining concepts is conceptual thinking. I see very little of that happening.
Take the concept of mechanical amplifiers and combine it with gravity wheels and then combine that with
the concept of Magnetic cancellation motors, GAP Power, Magnetic Neutralization and then
peters rotary attraction motor and also the lenzless generator
and then throw in the water spark plug inside the pnuematic cylinders that are part of the Bob Kostoff gravity motor.
Put all those together and a few more concepts all into one machine and you got it made.
Great exercise for your mind to help get out of the box of JUST replicating somebody elses stuff.
So the steps are..... on each of these inventions EXTRaCT the BASiC Concept of each then combine them together in one machine.