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r-charge small window motor startup issue

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  • Faraday88
    I'm in perfect agreement with Tom C, perhaps we are blessed to have people like John Bedini and his excellent Synchronicity with Tom Bearden, for years now..!
    I personnaly have a feel of a similar synchronicity with this Tesla Science,and John's younger days of work as a Reminiscence of my own yester-years(the year 1984) which John has brought to another frution level, one can judge for himself what kind of harsh treat ment John would have faced all along these many years despite of which he is been determined to have this as a gift for all of us here.. God Bless you John!!!!.. we are all with you forrever....
    'Science is not science when you study it..
    Best Regards,

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  • Tom C

    Rick is not on this forum nor is R- charge supported here. if you need SG parts Teslagenx has what you need to get an SG running. just take a look at the website to see what you need. we answer our emails and phone.... and have good after purchase support. both here and with email. All of our products are endorsed By the inventor... we wont offer it otherwise.

    Tom C

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  • Bung-ee
    hi Guys,

    eer. The final story is that :
    I ordered one coil (good quality) and one window motor from Renaissance and Charge.
    I was unable to have the window motor order by paypal with the website, so did so by Direct debit.
    The coil was ordered thourgh paypal.
    Unfortunately, my paypal claim has been rejected . It was apparent that the order was about the coil and not the motor...
    I never had a suggestion from Rick or team after sending my photos to his own personal mailbox.
    That's destiny
    To be frank with you, I do not think the small window motor is a buy and play with toy. It did not work for me OOTB !
    For the rest, I do not intend to stop ordering because of this neither. There are too few persons doing Bedini resreach and reselling stuff that I can currently bypass; my knowledge is too limited.
    But I just want to let the newbies here know : the small window motor did not work from me, and r-charge has not been able to help or offer anything about it. Just buy simple stuff from them, they can not do more because probably of resource lack more than will...
    Anyway, thanks Rick, for bad feelings about it, you did not succeed in helping me...that's ok...
    I'm going the SSG road now.

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  • min2oly
    The spike

    Originally posted by BroMikey
    Hi Bung_ee

    You are so right have a happy year and we all have forgiven each other no matter what dirty little nasties we all have done to one another peace and love and kindness is for 2014.

    I know what you mean about people looking like they want to help. I fear that this is the normal trend for men in general, they want to be idolized, followed and hailed KING OF THE HILL.

    Things are not really what they seem trust me on that one.

    I hate to be the bringer of bad news to such kind hearted gentle people who are crushed by the newly found knowledge.

    Don't drink the kool-aid that you can not do it without someone's magic box adjustments.

    Mikey(HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL)you on the West Coast take your Iodide
    Hear hear !


    It's all about the spike...

    of course... lest we forget how to maximise and efficiently create it...

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  • Bung-ee
    Hey Bro Mickey
    You're nice telling. I appreciated your hearted post !

    About my story with r-charge !
    - 1 order went fine : I ordered a coil and got it right - perfect quality - no matter what.
    - 2 orderof the small window motor. Rick has refused my dispute in paypal. I imagine he as argumented this is a build yourself / diy project so if it doesn't work, could be my own responsability entirely. So he refused the refund dispute I opened. When I say "refund dispute"; let me clarify that I asked the refund of the 85 $ and even took the expedition off my request . Mr Friedrich had sent a mail to me asking for photos to help me - 3 weeks ago. Since then I have had no news - but since then he refused the refund request and communicated with paypal. So, he's not so far, far away in the galaxy...
    I have nothing to complain about. I understand his point. However, I believe that he is selling things that are not entirely consumer foolproof and therefore not marketable without doubt even for development projects ! It's not mature yet. I do not care about my 85 $ if paypal gives him the favor and refuses my refund request ; but I want to let other newbies like me know that ordering the pre solded kit from r-charge is not a garantee , like I thought would be, that it will work out-of-the-box ! I'll rebuild a single coil circuit from scratch and try again. But now, I am building a SG so I will be posting or helping on the SG.
    So now, .... Let's us all build and sell SG's !!

    and thanks again to all of you. Bro Mickey ===> special "positive mind" award awarded to you !

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  • Tom C
    ok enough about Rick, makes me sick to my stomach. I will delete any more conversations about him or R-Charge. If you dont hear from Him let us know in a couple of months.

    Tom C
    Last edited by Tom C; 01-02-2014, 07:48 PM.

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  • Bung-ee
    Originally posted by bluestix View Post
    As far as I can tell he has done more than anyone except John, Tom Bearden, and Tony Craddock to promote John's technology. .
    That's my opinion. I have had the opportunity to congratulate Rick for what he has done.
    All the contribution that he has done is counting a heavy weigh in the balance.
    Yes you are right, HE IS ONE OF tHE BEST PROMOTERS OF JOHN BEDINI discoveries.
    Whatever the rest might have become anyway as some people write - it will never be strong enough to erase all the good he did.
    Plus, I will never trust enough messages written on the internet at 8000 kilometers distance to make my opinion about anyone.
    I will try to build a positive experience with Rick and the customer support. And my testimonial will be about this and that's all.
    I have so far received a Coil from Renaissance charge and IT LOOKS GREAT.
    Only the expiditing by USPS was a bit pricey.
    So yes I believe you can trust r-charge if you are ordering that or probably other things (except the small motor which does not work to me at this present moment).
    Check the 2h23 minutes SG presentation by Rick Friedrick and you 'll understand that the good someone does is benefiting everyone and that will never ever loose its brigthness
    Last edited by Bung-ee; 01-02-2014, 08:37 AM.

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  • Bung-ee
    I've got a personal request from Rick Friedrich. He asked me to send photos on his own personal email box.
    He is willing to help I can tell, he does care.
    So then , that's the story...
    I did send that 5 days ago and since then, nothing happened. Well - shall I say I am currently unsatisfied ? I am very unsatisfied.
    If situation does not move, I'llhave to ask for a full refund, not heartedlesss believe me.
    So it's look like my POC (proof of ceoncept) mini bedini project is a complete crack !
    Anyway, I'm not going to get discouraged, I believe in that technology while I've never seen one SG working.
    I just hope the SSG I' m building (still waiting some parts) will not be too difficult to install .
    Last edited by Bung-ee; 01-02-2014, 08:34 AM.

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  • bluestix
    Originally posted by BroMikey

    I see you did not catch the fact that the R-Charge boy signed a non disclosure agreement and went behind the inventors back. To much of the wacky stuff pal, go read it again.

    John B even spells it out for all you in the Purple Haze, "THIS IS HOW THINGS GET STOLEN"

    Now to the people of earth, once again John Bedini is an honest man and on top of that he writes in full English. John B. has shared with us that he was misused.

    What is so hard about that. The emails John Bedini has shown is so and so going behind the inventors back to another engineer who tried to back engineer one of John Bedini OSC TUBES.

    What's so hard about understanding that?

    So and so was sending tubes and emails about the ideas that the inventor had disclosed to another source which is a direct breach of contract. Now John Bedini is a gentle wise soul who was not born yesterday and knows that court cases are almost worthless money spent and probably can not bring himself to hurt anyone in anyway.

    Now did you get it that time?

    So and so screwed himself in plain English, when things could have been alot different. Now all of this pity pot stuff for poor ole so and so is nothing more than a fart in a wind storm.

    It truely is a shame because we are stronger together than apart but one rotten apple spoils all of the rest.

    I smell the coffee gotta go.

    I read it again. I see an email from someone I don't know to Rick. Then I see that same email forwarded from Rick to John. Then further down I see Rick specifically asking others not to share information that John doesn't want shared.

    So I guess I am still missing it.

    I don't really care though. Drama is a waste of time.

    I am not even interested in chargers anymore.

    I don't want to charge batteries. I want batteries that don't need to be charged.

    Electrinium/crystal/permanent battery tech has been known since the 1970s so I no longer see any point in wasting time on conventional batteries.

    Making permanent magnets and permanent capacitors (electrets) is already common knowledge. So why aren't we producing permanent batteries?

    Our time would be better spent figuring out how to make their means of production common knowledge than bickering about stupid personal drama.

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  • Tom C
    Well I am glad you had great experience with R-Charge. John severing his ties was a business decision plain and simple, and He has his reasons for doing it. I have my experience which I have shared, it is first person.

    I am glad Rick brought the chargers online. But the Technology is John's. I supported his (ricks) work for free for 5+ years as a moderator on the old yahoo monopole groups. I worked those conferences for free including my airfare and hotel expenses. some paid a lot more than I did for the "priviledge" of working for free. I know a guy who solkd his car so he could get there. things change and people change, its all water under the bridge. we have what we have. and I will continue to promote the Technology. its the best hope we have for the future.

    Tom C

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  • bluestix
    Originally posted by BroMikey
    Hey Bungee man

    Let me bring you up to speed, read what JOHN BEDINI SAID (Aka JB)

    Now did you read the history and can you tell me if so and so is honest?


    Yours, Mikey

    I have read this multiple times and I don't see anything that reflects poorly on Rick. Maybe I just don't understand it without more context.

    I went to the 2011 conference and met Rick, his dad, and several of the presenters. I have ordered thousands of dollars of chargers, kits, circuits, and parts from R-Charge and I received all of it and it all worked. Sometimes it took longer than I expected but customer service was always helpful and friendly.

    I talked to Rick at the end of the conference. He was exhausted and depressed because there was lower turnout than he expected and it didn't generate anywhere near enough revenue to cover the costs. He told me specifically that he was sad he wouldn't be able to give as much money to JB as he had hoped.

    The conference may have been a poor business decision but I have never seen anything from Rick that would make me think he was dishonest or malicious. As far as I can tell he has done more than anyone except John, Tom Bearden, and Tony Craddock to promote John's technology. So it makes me sad to hear him get **** on.

    The email from Rick to John in the link you posted was sent in Jan 2010. If John was mad about it why did he let Rick keep selling equipment and organize a huge conference more then a year later?

    If you guys are selling chargers now you should be thanking Rick for the work he did building awareness.

    Or if you are going to keep ripping on him at least provide some evidence of wrong doing that actually makes sense to outsiders.

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  • Tom C
    JB is John bedini he is the patent holder, and forum owner. George Wiseman is eagle-research I have a few of his books, including his HY-ZOR e book. John B is the modern day Tesla.... mainstream engineering has treated him the same way, some of John's early years are a perfect example of what happens when mainstream science wont listen to genius.

    Tom C

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  • Bung-ee
    @ Tom : no, I am not confused, but all those nicknames are confusing me. For instance, there is a "john bedini " owner of this forum. Is it the living legend '444 giver or some avatar ?
    thanks for clarifying this.
    @Tom + ZPDM : oh no I'm french, far from knowing that ee...stands for in english !
    actually I'm a PhD, nothing else, in the field of economics and english. No more eh eh
    I am learning about the technology and got myself the beginner"s handbook from A & P. (standing for Aaron & Peter Eletronic Media , right ? )
    Contrary to you I do not think either of these person have anything exceptional above... you and me !
    IMHO To be a free giver is. None of those, are except John Bedini for the 444 patent (the only I know of). But of course, I have nothing against this, and making money, I completely understand that. That's what they are trying to do. They are not just trying to learn and share. Peter says it all the time, by the way ! He's honest.
    Anyway, many past inventors truly holders of vanguard technologies did disappear with their findings...didn't they want to have all the patent benefit from it for their own ?
    How did it ended ? Greeder and more powerful people appeared in the ring...
    But I know an inventor of the name of George Wiseman who is not patenting anything but just selling little books of his own, for 10 -15 $ each.
    He says that patenting is illusionary. I am convinced it is ! But I'll not discuss his fruitful arguments here because it's not the topic and you came on this topic to help me and I am just grateful for that.
    Last edited by Bung-ee; 12-24-2013, 02:05 PM.

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  • ZPDM

    I've not yet done anything with the window motor and as you have the ee in your moniker maybe you'll explain it to me at some point, that said of the 600+ videos that the researcher lidmotor has graciously provided, this one The JT Motor seems to be working on the same principle. It doesn't seem too complicated and a replication of that is on my to do list. I think I may have heard JB say, though it is difficult to keep it all straight, that the window motor is like an inside out Faraday homopolar motor. So, barring a good kit, those are my two starting points if I ever get around to trying to build this thing at some point. Last thing I am guessing the ee stands for electrical engineer, if so ignore the rest, if not and you are like I was a relatively short while ago, coming at it as a newbie and outsider, I would highly recommend any basic electronics books by Forrest Mims III, just have fun for a few weeks building the circuits there and learning the component names and what they are doing.
    Last edited by ZPDM; 12-22-2013, 07:09 PM.

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  • Tom C
    no! I am not Tom Bearden!!!!! He is a giant among men, I am just a Bedini enthusiast like all of us here. here is the breakdown

    John Bedini E.E.- Electrical engineer, inventor, pioneer electronics wizard, multiple patent holder, took Tom Beardens thoretical writings and put them into practice.

    Colonel Tom Bearden PHD- theoretical physicist, winner of numerous awards and prolific author. has a unified theory of quantum mechanics and particle theory

    DR Peter Lindemann - research pioneer, prolific writer, well versed in mechanical over unity devices, inventor and lecturer.

    Aaron Murakami - prolific writer, theoretical physicist, publisher of the quantium key, has done hundreds of replications

    Erik, John K and myself are the moderators of this forum, we are not the inventors just the recipients of this technology and I am honored to have some of these men as my friends. I have yet to meet Col Bearden, but hopefully someday I will. so please dont confues me with him!!

    Tom C

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