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Mini Window Motor charging a cap through the earth. Kinda cool.

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  • Woody
    So, I did some more messing around with this today. I increased the real estate between the grounding pegs from around 4 feet to around 85 feet. I also changed from the little banana cap to a 1,200uf 200v cap. Yes it still charges, but slower. Then for fun I added another cap. This time a 47,000uf 50v cap on a separate ground located about 50 feet from the first ground. Yes, it still charges also. I guess I just wasn't aware that energy could be that easily and effectively transmitted through the ground. It shouldn't surprise me though, especially after my study of Stubblefield, and Tesla. Many think Tesla transmitted his energy through the air, but he stated that he sent it through the ground. It is surprising to note how quickly the caps responded when one of the leads was disconnected and reconnected. Instantaneously! Amazing. I also definitely had better results with the window motor running in self oscillation mode. The charging was no where near as good when the rotor was spinning. This was all happening while charging a battery too. Of note is that it has not rained here for a number of weeks. The ground is quite dry!

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  • Mini Window Motor charging a cap through the earth. Kinda cool.

    Hey everyone! Not really sure where to post this as it has several interesting aspects. It is a little window motor, operating in self oscillation mode, sending energy through the ground to charge a capacitor to a higher voltage than the battery being charged which is directly connected to the window motor. See what I mean? Here is a video I made. Maybe it's something really obvious and totally explainable, and I'm just missing the obvious, or maybe there really is something weird going on. If you have an explanation, then do tell!!