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Solid State SG Build

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  • Solid State SG Build

    Hi All,

    Here is my latest work. Hope you guys dig it!


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    Do you have a circuit to share?


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      Originally posted by wrtner View Post
      Do you have a circuit to share?

      sure! ill draw it up asap and post it here

      its from patrick's cpd mod vid i just use a solid resitor instead of a pot on the trigger check his vid out here


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        I built a solid state unit after switching the core on my SSG coil to a ferrite one. It would ring when stationary on one of the magnets. Neon would glow and had an output. So I experimented with different coils and setups. I learned a lot about resonance and impedence. That simple circuit is really all you need. It has to start with a pulse, either electric or magnetic. Either of these stray pulses will also stop it. Adding permanent magnets increases the "strength" of it but doesn't really add any power to it. If you have a air core coil and it's running kinda weak, the circuit will eventually die. Adding a magnet(s) prevents this. If you think about it, there is no reason it shouldn't work, the spinning wheel is like a strobe. I use a micro controller with a 5v spdt relay for the cap dump. Anyway, my point is, I'm just pouring water from one glass into another. There is no gain. I get closer to free energy by using the circuit with a solar panel. The wheel has no torque because it has no acceleration. (F=MA)