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    I have been doing my own research on Crystal Cells as well as other so I decided to create a thread about Crystal Cell Research. This is for anyone wanting to talk about crystal cells of any kind. The main goal of a Crystal Cell is a cell that is not galvanic and/or does not act like a normal battery. So feel free to post any and all research you guys have done on the topic so that we all can learn from each other.


    I'll start with one of my cells.
    I ran a data logger on my new 2 foot long crystal cell. The cell had a 100k ohm resistor on it and the logger measured the voltage across the resistor. The cell went down in voltage when first connected but then started going up until it even off and stayed. Once I removed the load the cell returned back to its normal standing voltage. Here is a picture comparing my crystal cell discharge curve to a normal AA battery discharge curve. The AA had a 470 ohm resistor on it.

    Here is also a video of me comparing the voltage of the cell to temp and humidity. This was the start of the cell where it was going up in voltage and wanting to start to level off. here is the video. Crystal Cell Voltage vs. Air temp and Humidity - YouTube
    From this you can't say humidity is the reason for the power of the cell.

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    couldn't see the movie.


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      Originally posted by Howard Wetsman View Post
      couldn't see the movie.

      It should work. Do other YouTube videos load for you? It could be that you don't have a flash player on your computer. I just tried it on a another computer and it works fine. Try this link Crystal Cell Voltage vs. Air temp and Humidity - YouTube


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        Here is a link of me data logging the resistance of the crystal glue mix, same electrodes.


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          Another Video about the 2 foot crystal cell. Crystal Cell power goes up under load - YouTube

          Also some links from data i got from a few days ago about the cell.


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            Since I know John Bedini will read this i need to ask permission to post something. I have a journal that holds some information that i have kept since last year about crystal cell research that i've done. I'm asking permission as Bedini name comes up in the journal many times, and if he wants to proof read it first I can send him a link to the document. I feel its only fair to ask John first. The document contains a good bit of info on how to make my cells and what not to do. I'm only going to give away the first volume, I have many more but its too early to give that info out just yet.


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              I can see all the other movies and even your other ones. Just not that one, but I'll try again.


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                I performed a interesting test last week on a cell that is much like the 5 foot tall crystal cell and the 2 foot tall one. I waited a week to make sure i got the same results that i did from the start. The test had to do with "trapped water" in a cell. Here is what i did....
                - got a bowl and filled it with distilled water and added salt sub and Epsom salt to the water
                - got a small piece of notebook paper and let it sit in the water mix for about 30 seconds.
                - I removed the fully saturated wet paper from the bowl
                - using pliers to hold the paper I heated the paper up using a lighter. I continued this until the paper was dry and almost burnt. Burn marks are on the paper.
                - Then I place the paper down on a dry surface
                - I took one copper electrode and one magnesium electrode and placed it on the dry paper and I got no voltage.
                - So then to keep the cell from absorbing water from the air i suspended it in the middle of a cup of oil.
                - The next day i removed the paper and isolating my hands from the electrodes and paper and I placed the electrodes on the now oily paper and I got 200mV.
                - I then waited a few days to remeasure the same thing and now got over 500mV.
                - Today its up to 700mV. After each measurement of voltage i suspend it back in the oil.

                So what does this all mean?
                What it means was that when i heated the paper It dried the paper out but it also destroyed what ever makes the cell conductive. Many would think that heating it removed the water and since no water means no voltage, this is not true. When I removed the water from the paper i placed the paper in oil so that water in the air could not get to it. I place the paper in the middle for best results of keeping water away from it. By the next day the cell showed recovery, this is amazing that it even recovers at all since all water is removed and the pours of the paper are filled with oil. No water could get to the paper under the oil so the paper recovering at all is spectacular. As the days progressed the paper recovered more. It is recovering under oil! For those who don't know oil and water don't mix, and it recovering with the lack of water should not happen if water is the main driving force of the cell. From this i can say that water is not what gives me my voltage but something else, there was no way for water to get to the paper suspended in oil.

                So we can state that
                - water is not the reason for the voltage
                - too much heat can destroy what ever allows the cell to work.

                What this sounds like is Marcus Reid cells. Reid had one of his cell subjected to a lot of heat and the cell died off and to this day has not recovered fully back to its normal state.

                I've been working on a circuit that uses my cells in it to power a LED. I've been through many designs but its hard to get the right one. It would have been easy if they didn't discontinue a component that i so desperately need. I've built the zener oscillator awhile ago that john and chuck showed before but it never worked great for me as Zener diodes only clamp voltages.

                Also I like to mention the 2 foot crystal cell i made is now hooked up to my analog uA meter. It has been giving a constant reading above 80uA. I even short it out and it jumps back to the same place. I even kept it shorted out all night last night and when i removed the short the analog meter jump back to where it was. It really is something else to see this happening. The 2 foot cell and the 5 foot cell are not made completely the same, if made correctly the 2 foot cell can have just about the same amount of power as the 5 foot cell.

                And also(sorry for the long post) the 5 foot cell was cleaned up and given better connections 2 weeks ago. The cell has been running perfect since then at full brightness on the LCD clock but on Sunday 12:10AM the clock went dim. I left the clock alone and went to bed and when i woke up the clock was missing 2 hours but the clock was on at full brightness. I reset the clock and its been running at full brightness since then. I thought that removing the alligator clips and cleaning up the connections i would solve the going in and out of the cell but it did not fix it. The cell will sometimes die off but it always comes back to life, the cell is never touched it just sits in a corner keeping time. Something happen that night to make the clock loose 2 hours of time but by the morning it was fine and at full power. That is what you call creepy, why does it have to happen at night?


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                  Here is the video of what i was talking about with heating the paper with the mix up in the last post.


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                    I've been working a circuit idea for some time now that uses my crystal cells in it. Here is a video of me getting close to my final concept of it.


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                      I don't understand it but my cells seem to do better while under-load than laying dormant. I had a 6" crystal cell that is in the same family as my 2 foot crystal cell and 5 foot crystal cell. This cell was laying dormant for weeks not hooked up anything. The cell gave me only 5uA @ over 1.4V. This cell was made last December and this cell has never needed a drop of water to give me that voltage reading. I go and hook the cell up to the analog uA meter and it starts off at 5uA but has now climbed up to 20uA. That's a 4 times increase. Keep in mind that the analog meter i use has no battery and it relies on the power from the cell to move the needle. My cells seem to do better with some type of load. I think that pulsing loads and series loads work the best.


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                        I've also made some changes to my clean battery, the lead acid battery conversion that does not use acid but uses detergent and now a new added ingredient. The resting voltage is much higher and the current so much stronger. If this works out I could have a battery that is just as strong as the Alum conversion and as safe as one too.


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                          As of now the 6" crystal cell that i talked about in post #11 is now at 46uA. This is over 9 times increase in amps since i've connected to a analog amp meter. It has been warmer than usual for the last couple of days. Its now a new moon, 0% full.

                          I will continue to keep the cell connected to analog meter to see what happens.


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                            ib, I have found that if I would like to keep my cells going I put a resistor to simulate a load, it keeps the cell(s) alive ... when left unconnected the volts come back quickly after a disconnect (less then 2 minutes) but the current takes a vacation if left without load.


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                              Originally posted by nickle989 View Post
                              ib, I have found that if I would like to keep my cells going I put a resistor to simulate a load, it keeps the cell(s) alive ... when left unconnected the volts come back quickly after a disconnect (less then 2 minutes) but the current takes a vacation if left without load.
                              Hi Nickle989,

                              Glad you see this happening too! What mixture do you use? Mine seem to be greatly affected by heat, this morning it is cold and the 6 inch cell now has fallen down to 35uA.