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    Just made my first alum battery only I had no alum available here so I used green
    soap that I used years before trying to make batteries and it seemed like a good

    I cleaned out the batt and refilled it with a water and soap mix and to my surprise
    it worked wonderfull. It was going lineair just as with the alum. I good get a good
    juce out of it after 3 hours with a 1.8 A lamp it went from 12.2v to just below 10V
    but stil bright.

    Then i got the crazy idear to use other electrolite and I just refilled the batt with
    the wine that I made last year. Since I don't drink much wine I just wondered if it
    was an electrolite and it is.

    It is now on the charger and accepting a charge it is looking very prommising.

    It is not a joke i am dead serious about it. the advandage of it may be that it wont
    freeze in winter since there is about 15 percent alcohol in it.

    Maybe someone else is crazy enough to try this too and share his experiences.


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    Not a great succes the wine, drunk to much of it I think LOL don't even try!
    It did not give much power and the batt did not charge well anymore.

    Just cleaned it and put back the green soap water mix in again
    and that was a very well working mix.

    I did find some Alum today in a shop where they sold winemaking chemicals
    So I can finaly try the real stuff on a differend battery later on.



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      hey karel

      maybe a bit late in the response but i am just starting in this matter

      try this place for source of the alum

      cheap and fast