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20 runs completion!

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  • 20 runs completion!

    Hi all!
    Well i successfully completed 20 runs!
    My last discharge procedure show interesting result:
    after discharging battery to 10 volts , the battery idle and during idle the voltage increased to 12,01 V!
    This "strange" behavior did not happed before! I post my runs-experiments data in excel file (see attachment)
    My next goal is building battery swapper and customized solar panel , well the second thing probably will happen sooner.
    Well and i will further continue to charge and discharge my battery, because i want to get max result, like Bedini explained the battery can take a lot more that battery manufacture tell us!

    Some hints to newcomers:
    yes it's possible to charge sealed lead acid battery with Bedini SSG.
    yes it's take a lot of time to charge it properly.
    For discharge use only fix resistors and do not discharge below 11Volts, in my case i have done to 10V but it was only after battery showed some voltage increase.
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    Hi, this "strange" behavior is actually normal when you fully charge your battery like you did in the last run. In all the other runs you did not charge up the battery fully. You will see even better results if you charge to 15.3v and don't discharge below 12v.

    John K.


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      Congratulations BediniSGUkraine!

      There is clearly a lot of work behind that spreadsheet. For myself, sometimes, I just see something interesting and end up off on a tangent for weeks. Still there is also the part of trying to figure out what is going on with these set-ups. I have no formal background in the area and again just for myself, sometimes find I have seen something odd and different or sometimes am just learning conventional electronics. Keep up the good work!



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        I reply to all post in one post.
        About voltage, i forgot to mention that i use two equal sealed lead acid 12V 4,5 Amp/hr batterys.
        My observation of charging battery is important, i tested the battery before all experiments with conditional charger and i never got such results!
        The short impulses which my charging battery takes from SSG circuit, they are definitely doing something good to my battery.
        What Peter Linderman described as sudden voltage increase is verified by my private independent testing.
        to ZPDM At first its difficult and sometimes seems impossible, plan your time for working at this project and needed research.
        Try to use only original source of material (use only Bedini approved books!), i seen a lot of times how people "complicate" the stuff before they are getting actual results. Maybe i was "lucky" enough not getting classical view of Electronics and always asking myself is it really all classical physics so ideal as many people believe.
        I can't stress this enough, it's very important to work with new batterys, if you use some scrape batterys it will take probably more time then with new batterys.
        Work always on one goal, if you start multiple project than it probably you will fail or not depends on skill which you have.
        Anyway my experiments are not done, i am still interesting in building stuff.


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          to John_Koorn
          I would like to hear your opinion on following video :


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            Here the result of charging!


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              This is an example how i do my discharge procedure!

              discharge Load 225 mA


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                Second charging run


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                  Another 20 charge and discharge procedure is done!
                  Battery behavior of charging battery is changed, even after discharge round the voltage always come back to 12,60 volts, i done it many times and always i get bright light such good result!
                  I will continue my charging and discharging procedure, until i get even better results!
                  On this picture you see the voltage of discharged battery and the test load 150mA light bulb which very bright.
                  Attached Files


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                    Here is another picture where i measure voltage after 15 minutes of charging.
                    Meter on the left shows the voltage 12,92V of charging battery and Meter on the right show the voltage 12,89V of primary battery!