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Overunity SSG - 1.23 COP! (Corrected again)

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    Hi guys,
    I'm new to SG's and having my machine (following Aaron's "complete Bedini SG" handbook almost literally) running since a month now.
    My biggest problem - how do I measure more or less accurately the COP?

    I went through the spreadsheets out of the Bedini Monopole Group, but wasn't too happy, as they just use ONE voltage for the entire load and ONE for the entire unload circle.

    To simplify this complicated item, I used a 12V wall plug with a huge 1F CAP, and measured the current going into the CAP. The Voltage established around 13,9V. So I measured the input current, and the time until I reached the output Voltage of 15.2V. This figure is almost identical to using an analogue Ampmeter in the input line.

    For the recharging cycle I have a calibrated system where I can define the discharge current and the "Stop Voltage". To simplify this, I ignore the Voltage in my calculations. All I count are the Amp Hours.

    So using this calculation with Aaron's figures from post #19, he uses 0.074 Ah's into his system and 0.050 Ah's out of his battery. Even with a 20 % uplift for the Voltage difference, I don't get a COP > 1. Is anything wrong with my assumptions?



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      I meant 20 Percent uplift



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        Mind blowing development. Bedini system used to put radiant energy into the grid. Meters stopped or slowed down.


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          this is not free energy, this is just tricking the meter...... its called stealing if it works. so lets not kid anyone here. I doubt this will work with all the new satellite meters as they are solid state and do not have the moving disc/coil setup, you might blow it up. if you listened to his description, his magnets are NSNSNSNS, coil is TINY and his 3 little caps are not exploding from the output spike, and the neon is lit, so there is a very little amount of "something" going back up front, but most of it is burning up running the neon.

          Tom C

          experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers