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motor with ssg circuit not working help please

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    hello Gary Hammond,

    the wheel had 30 seconds free spin.

    i order 100 resistors 1k 1w and ceramic resistors 0 ohm to 100 ohms with 10w that i can see which one is working..

    i will change the power supply for the car battery. the sound of the coil is a faint tick each time a magnet passes the coil.

    I was interested in electronica since my sister cured cancer with frequencies machine (zapper parasites) after I started researching on free energy and found some dvds with john bedini one of the videos I saw this scheme copied and the machine worked . as I already said I'm new to electronics but I have enough creativity and varied knowledge and like to have fun and this is my hobby right now


    this week i will recive the resistors that i will post my improvements

    i will download the books. thank you so mutch again my friend

    love and light to all


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      [QUOTE=andre_kaetano;23284]hello Gary Hammond,

      the wheel had 30 seconds free spin.

      You may or may not have an electrical problem, but you definitely need to spend some time on getting it to free wheel better. As gary previously stated you want to have 8-10 minutes free wheel time without the coil/core in place.
      It sounds as if your circuit can not overcome the mechanical resistance.
      Just a thought.


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        Hello Brian,

        ok, it is possible. i use this bearings A019173.jpg it is for industrial machines and not spin so free which bearings do you use for get 10m spin??

        best regards


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          i plane to use 6 coil with 7 transistors witch, that's why i chose this bearings and this design....


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            Originally posted by andre_kaetano View Post
            Hello Brian,

            ok, it is possible. i use this bearings [ATTACH=CONFIG]5326[/ATTACH] it is for industrial machines and not spin so free which bearings do you use for get 10m spin??

            best regards
            You may very well be able to use those, however they probably have grease in them, you should consider taking the shielding off the sides of the bearings, clean all the grease out, then use something to clean the little ball bearings (something that does not leave a residue) after you have clean them real good let them dry for a few hours. Then you can lubricate them with a very thin oil, like tri-flo. I have even used air tool oil, probably not the greatest. I personally do not put the shielding back on either, that can cause some resistance. Every so often then just flush the bearing with non residue cleaner and re oil them.
            Hope that makes sense.


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              Hi Andre,

              I use two SKF brand #R8FF .5" id by 1.125" od, double shielded, precision ball bearings from here. 0717390I-21.jpg I remove the shield from one side and clean all the grease out of it with solvent. Then I lubricate it with a small amount of Triflow lubricant that comes in a pressurized can.

              I have a very well balanced 26" bicycle wheel with 21 magnets. It's free spin time is about 15 minutes when the coil is removed for no magnetic interaction. This is how it needs to be checked.

              Any bearings you use need to have the heavy grease removed, be solvent cleaned, and then relubed with a lightweight oil. Preferably an oil that has teflon in it.


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                Originally posted by andre_kaetano View Post
                i am work with one circuit like you and patrick mentioned, and i tried to reversing the trigger but when i do that the coil don’t make any sound.
                best regards to all and thank you for the help
                Hi Andre,

                I cannot see the metal core for your coil. What is your core made of.

                Way big magnets are not usual. ~ 3-4 magnet spaces between? Why not try some proper C8 Bedini sized magnets? 35 Cents each. Forget the wood blocks for a while. Stick the magnets on a bike wheel until you get it to spin, then change the recipe.

                Your coil wind is a bit sloppy. Probably not an issue, but a perfect solenoid wind with all CCW for northern hemisphere is best, and i like to bring the wire across back to start side of coil and make the next layer the same direction.

                Your Wire Gauge for Trigger and other strands? Looks OK, but i recently struggled trying to use too small AWG of 26 + 29 AWG Trigger and can barely spin per slow coil and high Ohms.

                Power Supply Vs. battery for source voltage. It needs to be a 12VDC or 24VDC 2 Amps or better to supply the usual 1/2 Amp current well. Lighter buck-boost for sure 2 Amps min, else they will not last.

                You hear the coil so it is firing. If you remove the charge battery the Neons should pulse as you hand spin the wheel.

                You may find your magnets are too powerful !

                I heard seniors here tell me Neo magnets won't work well. Fooey ! Yes they work well, IF you select the correct size and strength. After the too big for my place Bike Wheel, I switched to a 4" diameter Razor Scooter Wheel with Neos 4 places around the wheel. It would NOT work until i double-stacked them. I used these:


                on one of these:
                Amp Meter Hot Glued Down.jpg

                Please get the SG you built that worked, and try this coil under that rotor. Then this circuit. Then this rotor with that coil and circuit. Without comparisons, is tough. Your circuit is firing. I have never seen a Trigger resistance need to be lower that 220 Ohms Vs. 470 Ohms, and the 220 Ohms was for 1 trigger to 4 coils. 1/4 Watt no good. Do Not Proceed w 1/4 Watt resistors. For sure not OK. Trigger Potentiometer can be 2W E-Bay 10-Turn like this:
       <-Works great, smooth and noise free and of so heavy duty !

                Good luck ! :-)
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                  hello hello,

                  finally is working
                  the problem was the resistances of the trigger. when I made the first order of resistances 470ohms the company sent me 570ohms it is only now that I noticed.

                  I removed the protection of bearings cleaned up the grease and I lubricate again, now i have a good spinning.


                  I also put all magnets on two wheels,


                  tomorrow I will do the other five coils and make the electric circuit.
                  thank you for all the replies.
                  I will post my improvements later.

                  Love and Light to all