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    Hi all!
    I came up with following idea (see picture)idea.jpg
    Let me describe how it suppose to work:
    1. Capacitor Nr.1 should be charged at 50 percent, means it should give 30 mA at 12 Volt voltage
    2. After wheel start to spin, second coil will produce automatically additional high voltage impulse which will be collected by the capacitor nr 2
    3. Capacitor nr 2 will be charged to max by the high voltage impulse from the second coil , as soon as it happens discharge curcuit discharge capacitor nr 2 to the capacitor nr.1 (this discharge curcuit should have one 400 V neon lamp for protection, if one of the caps reach more then max voltage)
    4. Discharge happens only when capacitor 2 has been fully charged.

    My questions following:
    Which values my capacitor should have for such experiment ( mF and voltage) ?
    What type of discharge circuit should i use for discharge of caps?
    Currently my main coil have clockwise winding, should i wind second coil clockwise or counterclockwise?
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    i almost forgot to write my reason behind using 2 condesators, one of them is energy conservation, and another one for power usage.