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Running a Bedini-based System on the lowest current as possible

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  • Running a Bedini-based System on the lowest current as possible

    Hello everybody,

    i have experimented with Bedini-Systems and the phenomen of self-induction for a very long time.
    In the following video you can see a large System i have built with taking transformers instead of coils.
    This System drives a large, heavy wheel and takes a current about 20 mA while charging another battery very slowly.
    You can drive this System at 10 mA, but then the Spikes are too low for charging.
    This System runs with very long trigger-coils and high trigger-resistance.
    The Trigger is on the primary winding of a second transformer to induce back in the primary coil for driving.
    There are 4 Driving-units with 2 Transformers:
    2 are charging a battery and the other are charge back in a capacitor for driving. They also can be tuned to slow
    down the wheel for lower Amps.
    Im destroying my brain thinking about: Where can i get more milliamps back in the system?
    Otherwise it's a wonder for me to get out so much Energy with only 20 milliamps.
    (The Wheel has a weight of 3220 g (7,1 lbs)
    Maybe anyone has an idea?

    The Video:

    The Cirquit:

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    Excellent video and a very nice build. Amazing work.


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      Very nice system you have there! I can see you have thought this out very well and also done a wonderful job in construction.

      One suggestion for improved performance. Instead of lighting that LED with the Generator coil you could harvest that energy to a second capacitor. Connect the two capacitors in parallel with a blocking diode so that the first capacitor cannot drain back to the second. Next setup a reed switch or a slap contact to discharge the second capacitor into the first at whatever time makes sense.


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        Good idea, Bob!
        I will try this out


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          Thank you, Bill!
          Some people told me this would be a "clock-motor", wasting energy into mechanic and heating - but
          i think there is more in this.


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            i have a problem to upload a larger image here,

            here is a download-link:



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              Thank you Mikey.
              The charging Battery is actually at 12,12 V
              running with the same Drive-Battery