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Help with Cap Pulser Circuit

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  • Help with Cap Pulser Circuit

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for some help getting this Cap Pulser circuit going. It's on the right track but I need some help getting the comparator section to work correctly. Right now Vin (Va) will not go above Vref (please see lab notes). When it is operating correctly, Vin will rise above Vref causing Vout to hit Vcc, which in this case is equal to Vz (15V). This turns Q1 all the way on and discharges C1 down to the battery voltage. It the should charge up to a voltage determined by the R1 pot.

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    Bonjour Joster.
    Avez vous eu une reponse positive a vos questions?

    Hello Joster.

    Have you had a positive response to your questions?
    Kind regards
    Pour moi, le principal, dans le fonctionnement du systeme Bedini, est l'energie rayonnante (temps 7) laquelle a pour but de recharger la batterie primaire.

    Comment amplifier cette energie afin que la batterie primaire soit totalement chargée?

    PS: I do not understand the american's language.
    I call a google translation to try to communicate with you ....