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3-coiler spinning up

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    Hi all,
    This is really fun when you see that it works!
    I have managed to restore two big 62Ah (C10) batteries that I found on the scrapyard for $10 each.
    Now they hold charge and the specific gravity of the electrolyte is good. But this has taken WEEKS of charging and discharging! (Direct charge, no cap dump).
    I guess that my setup with 3 x 5 2n3055 unmatched transistors is not optimal. Not very efficient.

    So now I'm thinking of buying some MJL21194:s.

    Now, if I use my three coils and buy some matched transistors, a couple of questions arise:

    1) Is there always a benefit to have more coils running? (for example: one coil with 6 strands vs three coils with 2 strands each?)
    2) Is there always a benefit to have more strands on each coil (i.e. more transistors)
    3) Do ALL the transistors need to be matched, or is it enough to match the transistors for each individual coil, and then adjust the coil position?

    Thanks for helping
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