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    Originally posted by BroMikey
    Hi ZPDM

    What Idea are we talking about that maybe is not understood fully?

    Hi BroMikey,

    I don't know if anybody said they didn't understand it, wouldn't that be somethin! You're the first to continue the thread, I just mentioned how you might pulse a small cap fast, rather than a big cap slow.


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      Originally posted by ZPDM View Post
      Hi BroMikey,

      I don't know if anybody said they didn't understand it, wouldn't that be somethin! You're the first to continue the thread, I just mentioned how you might pulse a small cap fast, rather than a big cap slow.
      Hi Paul,
      yes, I was referring to your idea. I would love to see it up and running. I think everyone here would say the same thing, we're all here to learn from each other right?...

      I don't want to hold you back on your idea B U T....
      My first thought is that a cap needs more time to hold onto that energy, and that maybe pulsing any given battery might need more of a bang, pow, umph to actually get it to want to charge. Once you start playing w/ the dumps, you will discover that you can us cap X to pulse a battery for weeks on end and it will never want to charge. Then pulse that same battery w/ cap Y and it will charge fairly quickly... Don't listen to me though, try your idea as you see it. It could work, then I might have to do a vid with me eating my hat - LOL :-)

      Well, can't wait to see your build, don't let the wires get you down, keep at it.

      Mike, how's your build coming along? What stage are you at?

      Kind Regards to all,


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        Originally posted by BroMikey
        Okay yes Paul


        I am coming along slow be letting you all know.

        Cool - what stage R U @?


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          Originally posted by BroMikey

          Anyway i am undecided for my SS SSG coil arrangement I already have 160 foot coils. Impulse tech can be added in series.
          How many coils do you have?
          How many windings per coil?
          How many wires per coil?
          What awg/gauge?
          Have you hooked it up to a wheel or are you only using solid state?
          Give me some more info on what you have set up and maybe I can help? Pictures?


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            Originally posted by BroMikey
            Okay Pat here we go

            I have 20ga magwire 3400 foot roll from essex.

            I wanted to make longer runs than 100 feet from my SOLID STATE JOHN BEDINI STYLE CIRUIT HOOK UP.

            I thought maybe I will look around and found someone charging 4-6 million joule battery up with 250,000 jouldes in 30 min.

            He has 21 runs of 300 feet And says it charges well.

            When I asked this question before most folk look at you like a calf hypnotized by the new fence he is behind.

            Most just do the wheel with added help of magnets and I can respect that.

            On the other hand I can not seem to break the sound barrier concerning the difference between apples and oranges.

            So far I have one 5 filar or 22 ga (trigger is 25) 140 feet long twisted up with a drill in the yard to around 2-3 turns per inch if I remember right. I had to put a chair in the middle to hold it off the ground so I did not put to much tension on the full length of wire. I have it rolled up and an old welding spool or a 3" dia air core.

            Mjl21194's 1n4007, 1n914, neons, the whole smear.

            I was wondering if I could charge up 400ah's of batteries, so I thought maybe 12-16 runs of 300 foot coils?? I don't know.

            What do you say I should do with my 3400 foot roll to get the biggest fastest charging.

            I will buy 18-14 gauge next.

            Thanks Pat, love to hear your in put on adding impulse coils.

            that sounds great - so that's
            1 coil 5 filar -
            4 wires of 22ga 140' long
            and 1 of 25ga for trigger
            you have 400Ah to charge.

            which batteries are they?
            are you using the CPD mod?
            what is your amp draw right now?
            what ohm resistor are you using at the base?
            how much across the cap?
            what size cap?
            do you have any other resistance in the trigger?

            Sorry so many questions, but you sound like you might have enough to give it a go as is. don't spend any money until you can answer your own questions or we can get you some help - I want to help. Why are you waiting?


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              Solar Tesla Bedini Motor 240413 totoalas

              from a small coil you can check the rate of charge going to the 400uf 450 v dc cap last test is 240 v and climbing in a short span how to convert to million joules LOL
              the charge can be compared to the spark when cap is shorted


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                Its in my youtube channel


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                  Originally posted by BroMikey
                  Okay Pat yer Kool with me

                  Cap 250v 10uf

                  Got to go eat

                  Okay I am back, the circuit above is charging 4 small batteries of 5ah each. So I thought if John's ten pole with ten 8filar coils on it can only charge a 130ah truck battery, then I better get larger wire and keep these little chargers for penlight batteries.

                  The 4 batteries are the flooded EVERSTART walmart deep cycle 115ah each but I think they are really only 60ah and I also have them converted to ALUM.

                  My amp draw can be dialed up and down anywhere from 200 mils to 2amps if I needed to.

                  Right now I am maxing out at 800miliamps. Since JB used 140miliamps per wire on the bike wheel coils and they are 20ga, then I figured a little less for 22ga should be good??????

                  I have never tried running it up in amps.

                  Maybe I will need to run 1-2 amps for these larger batteries?

                  But won't that cut my efficiency??

                  Later and Thx-A-Mil Pat

                  That picture shows me you've been around the net some. they never mentioned the CPD mod over where you got that - boo-hoo

                  with what you have, your coil should easily charge one of those EVERSTART batteries you have, prior to conversion. What problems is it giving you now?
                  what voltage do they (or one) get to?

                  I am surprised though, that you are able to get it to draw 2amps w/ that resistor layout. you must be going way past TDCR.
                  can you take a picture of the inside of one of your cells?
                  Mil-back-at-cha mike


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                    Originally posted by BroMikey
                    Well that draw is when I go up to 24vdc input things get warm quick so I back off to 1 amp max.

                    I will if I can take a pic if i ever get my spensive skope up into this room.

                    I been looking at my old one with the sniffer coil. It charges okay if you want to wait hours and hours.

                    Time? well I am running a test now at the higher input but at 12vdc I can go to almost 13vdc on the converted ALUM batt at about 470 miliamps charging all night.

                    I want 3-4-5 hour charging self run impulse circuits.

                    U getting anything out of those 263foot coils yet?

                    What about 12 runs of 260 feet out of my 3400 foot roll???

                    Talk 2 me Pat.
                    sounds like you've been running things for a while. you must have alot of data. sometimes the data can be helpful please post it, there are some great minds here that I know can help.

                    how about a cheap phone cam? Those are in abundance. just need to see what's going on on the inside of a cell, maybe how your setup is laid out. you'd be surprised - the old adage about a picture fits here.

                    teach a man to fish Mike...

                    Like I said the 1 coil you already have should be charging at least one of those EVERSTART's so what's the problem - can't help if you don't want it Mike.


                    • Originally posted by BroMikey
                      So I thought if John's ten pole with ten 8filar coils on it can only charge a 130ah truck battery

                      Hey Mike, not sure where you got that from. I was charging 5 of those 130ah (deep cycles) with that 10 coiler.

                      John K.


                      • Originally posted by BroMikey
                        Look Pat you answer my questions or lets let it rest.
                        I am willing to answer questions if it is not a one sided conversation.
                        I'll take a pic when you answer my questions that I asked you multiple times jumping right over them as if they didn't exist.
                        I am not going to wast time playing shop talk.

                        Thanks anyway Pat.

                        You want to gain a following with experiments and secret boxes not presenting all the information, setting yourself up as instructor, I can respect that Pat.

                        Thanks for your video's and I will keep watching in the distance.

                        You want to see bubbles on a phone cam or else I am unwilling?

                        Common Pat you can't hide from us, we know how you are.

                        Talk to me Pat, answer my question about coils.

                        Like I said if you do not want to answer my questions on grounds that may be incriminating before the group, it's okay we understand.

                        Mean while I am a little less evasive and will tell you I am not playing any games.

                        Like I said thanks for the great work in all your experiments and let's just leave it at that.

                        Best Regards, Michael Rowland Central Kansas
                        (Telephone Number 1-620-348-2082) this is my phone if you are real.

                        Where is all this hostility coming from?
                        I'm only trying to help you Mike - Mike, you choose to avoid the basic questions?
                        Maybe you don't really need the help?
                        Sounds like you are doing fine on your quest.

                        Ok, I'll say it - a picture is worth a thousand words Mike.
                        It can only help, let's work with what you have rather than ponder future experiments.

                        If you do not want to participate feel free to stay off my thread.
                        - Cheers Mike


                        • Originally posted by BroMikey
                          stop treating me like you can answer what you want and manipulate the entire process of communication
                          "The pot calling the kettle black" Mike


                          • Please keep it nice kids, or I'll send you to your room with no supper

                            John K.


                            • Apologize to BroMikey and all if I came across at all ornery in the last post I sometimes can get carried away, I wish everyone happy and productive experimenting. Patrick, I'm glad you liked the idea, I'm enthusiastic about it as well. It may end up just doing a surface charge sort of thing, but it is pretty simple. I am going to do a bit more with looking at magnets and rotors and hall effect sensors, then see about capturing the radiant with this set-up, then try the small cap approach.


                              • I just found this inspirational and very interesting:

                                Click THIS for the full article.

                                "They don't know what they can't do; they haven't been told it's not possible," he says. "That really opens up a lot of creative thinking that somehow tends to go away with time."
                                Jim Cockrell - project's manager NASA Ames Research Center in California

                                This is where the rubber hits the road - let's go!