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The Core, magnet spacing and other questions

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  • The Core, magnet spacing and other questions

    I'm posting this in an effort to learn.

    So I've been thinking about the core of the coil, its importance and the extent, if any, to which it can be adjusted to achieve variable results. Does it approach saturation in the case of, say, a 7-filar being run with high input power. Should it be kept far from saturation. What about the ratio of its diameter to length, because not all spools people may acquire are going to share similar dimensions. Lastly, a deliberately silly question; How about a ferrite or even air core (ferrite rods from old radios, anyone?). How will that affect the length and windings, if at all.

    I read somewhere about a certain range of spacing (perhaps it was 3-5 inches center to center, not sure) at which the magnets can be placed on the wheel. In another thread, I read about an effect of magnet spacing on the voltage of the generated spikes. I wish I could learn the mechanics of that. In fact, is there an online resource where such questions are answered? My intention is to learn about the possible modes of operation and tweaks.

    Another thing I wanted to ask about is the software oscilloscopes out there that receive input from the computer's sound card's audio in jack after soldering a protective circuit of certain value resistors to it. Does anyone have any experience with it? It sounds a tad risky but I have a couple of old spare desktop PCs I can put to good use.