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To John Bedini: about permanent magnets motors

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  • To John Bedini: about permanent magnets motors

    Dear Mr. Bedini,
    my name's Antonio and I'm a young electronic engineer from Italy.

    Recently I focused on the free energy topic and, due to the popularity on the web, my attention was caught by permanent magnets motors. My opinions about the functionality of those devices are very confused either for the great number of fakes on Youtube or for a lack of personal knowledge about magnetic fields. This is the reason why I'm asking your support.

    I visited your website and I found this schematic . Coming straight to the point and assuming that permanent magnets motor running just because of the magnetic repulsion force, my questions are:

    1) where does the permanent magnets generator take the energy to win frictions running continously?

    2) how does come that the 2nd law of termodinamics doesn't apply to PMGs ?

    3) Did you test personally the generator ?

    I hope you'll get some time to answer me, I'll be very glad.

    Very kind regards