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{{!*SOLVED*!}} Bedini's Linear Amplifier Regulator

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  • {{!*SOLVED*!}} Bedini's Linear Amplifier Regulator

    After much study and watching the DVD over and over,and over............ I have finally been successful with getting this to work as he has shown in the DVD video, and yes I am sharing this with you HOT OFF THE BENCH. Some of the key things to figure out were the three regulators going on within it. The first is in the pri filter with the zener regulation keeping the cap from over charging and also to keep voltage under 30v for the regulator in the next section , the second reg is the use of a standard linear voltage regulator, and the third,........ the third is the brilliant part of this design in my opinion. The third "regulator" is the real key, and works with the battery's impedance. The reason in the DVD he says not to use Mosfets for the last transistor, is because you want to take advantage of the "reverse active mode" of an NPN transistor. And how this works is, the emitter has the highest voltage potential at it(30v), and the collector is at the charging battery positive terminal. Now, whenever the base voltage is higher than the battery voltage at the collector, current flows from the emitter to the collector proportionately. The sense feedback of the adjustable voltage regulator monitors the charging battery and switches the reverse npn and beta multiplier transistors to get it's set voltage. The cap divider in the pri filter actually biases the gate of the beta multiplier to a low negative voltage to help shut off quickly.
    This Amp charger works great when tested with my highly modified SG. The input amps on the SG go down some when I load the charging battery with LEDS, their is a slight RPM change, but nothing like you see if you try loading a normal sg battery undercharging with these LEDS. The DC is really pure too, it really cleans things up amazingly! The only thing I didn't do was the comparitor part he has with the two LEDS, that also has a voltage regulator but powered from the charging battery.

    John's Brilliance lives on ..........

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    Thanks for sharing have you more info for the capacitors Polarized elco


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      Great Job Davy,
      Reversing the NPN looks like it solved the mystery. I want to replicate your findings. I formalized your drawing. mind taking a look. there are (2) components that don't have a value, a cap and a resistor. what did you use for these?
      Davy Oneness- Bedini linear amp .pdf


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        Great Job, I am going to try your Circuit, Thanks

        I had some discovery's, with my "Tri-symetrical 3 battery switch" experiments, with reversed transistors and reversed LEDs.
        I will have to do some further experiments, with my linear amp regulator circuits. have a look in my photo gallery in my profile, and posts.
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