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Power Home base on bedini Ideas [Ask For help]

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  • Power Home base on bedini Ideas [Ask For help]

    Dear all , Thank you for this opportunity to let me ask experts in power filed.

    First of all , i am from Syria , a country full of war and (ISIS and regime) killing our future and hope to be alive.
    We barely have an internet connection ,since the electricity is some thing rare .

    What i am looking for ?
    I am looking for HELP to gide me and save a lot of research time that i dont have . to day i am alive tomorrow , i am not sure .

    well i am looking for such a system can power home which all of us looking for such magic thing
    after googleing fo such a free power i came to bedini system , i am not an electrician engineer , but i can found some friends may help.

    What is the question ?

    I am not looking to charge a battery , i am looking to power my home via something like window motor :
    or the normal bedini motor , can that be don
    what is the key different between SSG and window motor ?

    What is the output of amp can bedini motor produce.

    please i understand that you may ask me for "Search and Read" but honestly i dont have the time for that since my situation is very difficult so i am searching for an answer form experts like you !

    Sorry and best regards

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    You have to be realistic. Convert a small motor to keep your cell phone charged. Better than nothing.


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      why not a window motor powered by a tesla switch to replace the dc motor on the "free energy generator" of john bedini and instead of commutation use the opto coupling, im looking at the 12' industrial window motor rick friedrich is selling one of a few places selling it and direct driving a 50 amp dunlite alternator and using the tesla switch to drive the window motor or just solar battery backup for the input, u'll need to have a 240v monitoring regulator card on the output depending on the load of your house. but optimizing the total wattage of the house like l.e.d lighting, gas cooking and simplified water heating arrays on your roof will also help u to not need as much power to run the same quality of living


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        Let's say you have a water tank. Factoring in gravity, you have a energy potential there. By draining the tank you get motion, you can even give it torque by spinning it. If there is enough torque or speed you could counter the force of gravity to get it to recirculate. To do that it you could use the power generated from the falling, spinning water. Your not going to generate much amperage so you cheat and go for using condensed voltage. Now you have perpetual motion and have to tap it somehow without slowing it down. See what I'm saying?


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          Hey Beshoo, So you want it fast eh? Ha ha, never gonna happen. Even if we told you your eyes would glaze over just like ours did. This is a will power thing. How bad do you want this? Here is what i think i know.

          You can charge 3 or 4 batteries from 1 with Bedini SG. This works because voltages in parallel are the same, and Bedini SG charges parallel batteries with voltage impulses, not mainly Amps.

          If you build the adjustable 741 Op-Amp Cap Dump, you wil be pissed it charges slower than regular SG spikes raining down on your batteries. HOWEVER, it is a learning instrument, to get you to notice the hysteresis response you get when dumping a huge charge into a battery. You get a 1984 Free Energy Generator type of response. Now if you can get that response humping just right, and draw from the battery only for a split second at a time, just as the Dumped voltage rise starts to go back down, then grab it fast! This the part of the charge that would not go into the battery. Do not waste it! You need a BIG flywheel.

          Take note the original School Girl did not feed the coil kick back to another battery. It let the kick back hammer the 9V battery and that slows the discharge rate ~ 90%, "With pulse motors". You just grab the energy that won't go into the battery and use that to get ahead. You will never find one working and posted here in public.

          No junk batteries, golf cart 6V deep cycle, never go below 12.0V, ever!


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            I'm still experimenting, but so far having good luck with phasing. I only use 2 magnets on a rotor. Firing 2 coils 180 degrees apart at a time. When is oscillation rotation? When it's sequential of at least 3 points on the circle. Oscillation is linear, rotation is circular. Using 4 coils is fine for a small rotor though, it just wont have much torque. Giving each coil pair it's own battery eliminates battery switching. This ends up making the energizer the prime mover, not impossible with a large rotor. For the small rotor the 2 batteries can discharge in series to a third battery then recharge each other again. Still a lot of switching but charges with current.