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The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build

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  • Tom C

    We are in on this project with both feet! Teslagenx has recently sourced another pair of Printers which brings the company total to 3. as soon as we have worked thru all the manufacturing hurdles and Design changes required we will begin manufacturing these and also the accompanying circuits as part of the kit. Eventually we hope to manufacture many different printed parts for John's Technology.

    Tom C

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  • John_Bedini
    started a topic The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build

    The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build

    This thread is dealing with a 3D printed 12 pole Monopole that can run on crystal cells and Capacitors for a very long time. As I have seen on the internet Meany building what they call Easy-Spin motors, but they are all Monopoles Energizers even if changed to lay vertical instead of horizontal. The monopole was termed by me in the late 70’s and it has gone through many changes up to 2015. This is very well documented.
    I allowed Rick to make kits even if he changed them, which he did. The original Monopole used barium Ferrite Magnets and later on used Strontium Magnets. However in the Earth Lights I showed Iron-less coils in simple monopole energizers along with many YouTubes on this Energizer they call now the Easy-Spin. We did not have 3D printers so everything had to be made in the machine shop in my lab until Rick F took it upon himself to re-invent my machine. The Easy Spin is a monopole and it does not make any difference weither you face the coils north and south, why because the Rotor uses all north facing poles or south facing poles. The best working Monopoles use pulse charging and Linear Regulators and may be looped if connected right. The monopole must be in attraction mode to work at the highest efficiency and that would be a COP of 1 people missed the mechanical energy which must be added into the equations.
    The 3D printed motors/Energizers follow the patent of which you can use up to 360 poles, reed switches, hall devices and self- triggering, single triggering circuits that would be one big machine as the Ferris wheel proved that when coils get that big charging batteries is nothing.
    So I hope you will follow along with this project I’m hoping that Tom Childs, Erik Nissen join in as we all have 3D printers and make parts available through Teslagenx .com as I will be working this project with them. I also will be working on a 3D printed Window motor running on capacitors. I will also be working on a much bigger version 3D printed Monopole and the reason is the cost. I will also be updating the Crystal Battery in a 3D printed version and be adding things I have never discussed about them.
    John Bedini
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