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Design for Windpower per John's DVD Number 25

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    those guys treated you like crap! wont happen here.

    Tom C

    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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      Originally posted by erfinder
      People on the energetics forum think they have my stuff figured (they don't) out so I left them with their opinions. I am here now, I hope the folks here are more open minded then the folks over there. You cannot take information that I posted there and post it here out of context. I would like to help, but it seems like you can't answer my simple question. There is no right or wrong answer, I said I am looking for a solid opinion, what you think is causing the charging, technically I have told you this already, review the posts.

      This doesnt work in inductively triggered circuits. The effect is suppressed. Also the coils aren't connected in the proper manner. You must know where the CEMF from generator action is with relation to the CEMF from the self induction. If you don't know where these things are, and switch at the right time, your wasting your time.


      One more question, while I study what you have said in your past replies.

      Does the coil configuation of the patent have anything to do with what you are doing? Is it at all useful or should it be forgotten and or discarded?

      Dave Wing
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        Hi guys,

        Its like, you all have a different opinion about how the machine should be put together.
        Most practical advice I was able to make up out of it is, to review the energy from the vacuum dvds.
        To me your insights aren't practical enough yet.

        I have posted a schematic and I am ignored about it, so bye! :P

        P.s. please take your time, the world isn't ready yet anyway.


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          P.s. please take your time, the world isn't ready yet anyway.
          exactly my thinking...there are always some who can see far more than the masses. They have been given deeper insight, and try as they might to make the rest of us see they cannot do it. The masses sense that what they are saying is important, but we just cannot grasp it..YET...I believe these visionaries and pioneers are being prepared for a day not far ahead...when the tables shall be turned and the ones holding things back shall be removed.


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            I like your attitude erfinder. I like it in the way that you are at a stage in your life where you're not bothered with all of the noise that many people get upset about.

            I tend to think that people progress and learn at a different pace than each other. Some people are just not ready to embrace what is laid out in front of them, they are not ready to understand or are not at a level where they can understand. Others try to understand but do not post that they don't understand in fear of making themselves look silly. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are being ignorant.

            I'm at a stage where I don't live and breathe this stuff as much as I used to. Yes, I still run experiments everyday and usually have a couple of projects going at the same time. But these days I like to spend more time with my family than I used to and like most, have a full time job that keeps me very busy.

            I had not answered your questions or added any more to this discussion because I have not had a chance to properly digest the information and respond properly, of which I apologise.

            I will add that I was surprised how much more I took in when I watched the DVD again. That's probably because I've learnt a few things since the previous time I watched, and because you have raised my interest in this topic again. Maybe I need to watch it until it wears out before I will get what you got out of it.

            To be honest, I have no idea why creating a non-linear parts of the system to cause an imbalance could allow for extra energy to enter the system. But that's OK, I had no idea how the Bedini SG worked the first time I built one. Probably still don't know everything about it either, but I'm not bothered about it either. Learning comes with persistence over time.

            I do agree that John doesn't need the "magic" magnets to achieve what he did, but they do help. Why he used them? I figure he had them, always wanted to experiment with them and had the opportunity. But you are right in that you can still do it without them. There's many examples of "free energy" devices that don't use magic magnets.

            The Kromrey generator, Bedini's G-field generator, the Lockridge device, Watson machine, Leedskalnin's Coral Castle, Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, etc. are all examples.

            The underlining principle, as you have mentioned, is the correct switching. At the end of the day it's when you switch and how you switch that appears to be the key. The machine in your video is using some very clever switching, where you are directing the "generator" output back into the 4700uF capacitor in between the motor pulses (out of phase). This is the reason why the capacitor gains in voltage after you switch the "motor" function off. To me it appears that the only difference between the "motor" and the "generator" is when the coils are switched, in relation to where the rotor is positioned.

            This is essentially what JB has done with the Self Re-gauging Idling Magneto, but you figured out how to switch the coils to get the same effect without the magic magnets. I would never have thought to use neo magnets and air cores - did you get that idea from the zero force motor? Doing that also means you don't need to off-set the coils as you would have practically no drag or cogging.

            It's also interesting that you found out about the inductively coupled trigger issue. You know I have so many burnt out base resistors from my SG circuits that I thought I was doing something wrong, when the "issue" was that I was just pushing the machine too hard. It seems the only way to reduce the impact is to run the SG at low power levels. Of course, now that you mention that to get around the issue you can just use a hall trigger it all makes sense. Mind you, I'm still experimenting with a wind driven external inductive trigger.

            That's all I've got for now...

            John K.
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              Wow, never has so few words meant so much to me.

              Yes, I can see now that the CEMF is Nature's equilibrium mechanism. It's actually restricting EMF from being created. Much like gravity is restricting us from jumping in the air, even before we thought of jumping.

              It's like saying it's the darkness that was always there before the light.

              Thank you!

              John K.


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                Thanks erfinder, you have convinced me to keep moving.
                I am considering to change the inductively coupled trigger to a hall effect.
                I think I got the wrong switches for the hall effects.
                First I want to try the circuit I posted, couldn't hurt to try it.

                What you explain about the CEMF, does it have to do anything with the H-waves?
                Like on a plain reed switch motor with no transistor for example, you get a spike then a motor pulse and then another spike, right?
                That first spike is ahead of time orso :S.

                P.S. I wore this T-shirt to work today, suddenly at the coffee break the table was silent and I heard a convo about energy bills haha


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                  air cores to prevent saturation and speed up field collapse, neo mags for gauss, nsnsns rotor for ac wave (this may be wrong, but I think you said that is how the rotor is), motor and generator coils on the same spool to cancel lenz, catching the inductive collapse at the right time to negate lenz law, removing the coil from power correctly to remove transformer feedback, potential higher at higher voltages, 555 timer to control on time of the fet, hall switched to bypass inductive triggering, anything else i am missing?

                  will it work with a reed switch? probably not as effective as the 555....

                  Tom C
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                  experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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                    "Frequency here relates to frequency of Generator action, frequency of the Induced EMF from self-induction at the make and break"

                    generator action relates to coil magnet interaction ?

                    "Hall sensor gives one, in association with the proper mechanical mounting and translation apparatus, the ability to manipulate the point of self-induced EMF injection into the carrier wave (generated AC proper) at any point in the wave that we desire"

                    Geez you said a mouthful!! that is a key phrase there

                    so this is the effect:

                    1- coil interacts with magnet, ROTOR BEGINS TO SPIN regular motor function
                    2- coil is set into oscillation thru the passing of the magnet thru its field and the timing of the power pulse from the FET its amplitude and width
                    3- this sets up the "Infinite Harmonic Resonant Self-Oscillation"
                    4- this oscillation creates the mag amp effect in the coil

                    Tom C

                    experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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                      the oscillation you speak of reminds me of what happens when you short coils at sinewave peak


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                        thanks for responding, every time you answer a question it leads to more understanding, and I hope it helps to clarify your ability to explain what your are doing.

                        one more question,
                        you have mentioned several times "coils" so this requires a minimum of 2 coils to see the effect, and 6 to do what you are doing right now. withing the multi coil arrangement are you driving it as a single set of wires, (end of one coil to beginning of other?)

                        the reason I am asking is simply this, I work from a mechanical framework in my mind, not an electrical one, I think of Tank circuits as "springs" and transistors and Fets as "switches" and coils as "buckets" or "selenoids" and wire as "hoses" I am most likely born in the wrong century, would rather have lived in the age of steam

                        so I have seen your video, but for me I just need some way to visualise how the energy is running in the circuit, and in this case why the coils are resonating with each other. in my mind I see a pair of coils resonating as 2 heads of a drum responding to each other, in sympathy. in music the harmonic can be additive, like feedback in an audio circuit. and that is what happens to a capacitor sometimes, it becomes an electret.

                        so just need some visualization tools to help understand how the effect is produced.

                        Tom C

                        experimental Kits, chargers and solar trackers


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                          This is not to exasperate you or anyone else Erfinder...but I see my role at present is to pray and intercede with the Holy One to bring these things forth into the earth. These are mysteries, hidden things..and they will become the working principle...already are the working principle and dynamic by which the new world will operate in. The reason why you don't have the money to do what you want to do is the very reason I am called forth to pray. Spiritual warfare is being waged in the unseen realm and it is more real than the realm we move in. The day will come and is already here. The restraint will be bound up and the liberty to fulfill shall be released. Your writings are your writings, but to me they are more than that, as I believe that we all are receivers from the invisible One...yes it is wonderful! And it shall come to be. We are all involved in something far bigger than saving a few dollars in power bills. Please keep speaking.


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                            yes exactly...nothing changes except through laying down our life for our enemies. I shall say no more on this.


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                              you got scope shots of your coil shorting? yours keep ringing the whole way tell next peak? (normal coil short picture provided)
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                                Asymmetrical Awesomeness!

                                And just about how did these wave shapes appear? Do you have all north magnets out or are the magnets facing inward toward each other (thats how I would have build it)
                                I'll probably have to read the thread again to see where it is going.
                                Such similarities in designs here, too awesome to see it going.
                                (reminds me of my rolomoto, currently started building a smaller version as well by the way. I started it yesterday.)