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    Hello, Women, Men, Children, Frogs, Dogs and circuits,

    My name is around here somewhere, I’m sure you can find it, you all have more experience in these forum thingy’s then I do.

    I’ve been schooling myself in electronics, free energy and such for over 25 years. I’ve read Dollard, Bearden, Murakami, Lindemann, Bedini, ’n most of the other greats on this forum and elsewhere. And watched videos by all of the aforementioned. I still don’t know nuthin’. But I know that I know enough of nuthin’ that I can build almost anything. But now I’m stuck.

    A couple of months ago, I decided to come out of my shell and ask other people. There are so many ideas out there I don’t know which to choose. I only have enough time and money to build one. Not enough for further research.

    Has anybody seen a list of ”Free” energy devices wherein is included, say, 3 to 5 of the easiest to build, with zero maintenance, reasonably inexpensive devices for powering a single, three bedroom home. My favorite would have no moving parts, produce cold electricity, no batteries and leave nothing for my wife to do after I move on, and PG&E dies of greed. Just point, I can follow well.

    If there is not such a compilation now, I would be willing to build one. You folks could send me your favorites, I could sort them.

    Thank for you all for all you have done to get us where we are today. In my not so humble opinion it is time for many to start building.