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getting it done: the alloy activation chamber in progress of being constructed

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  • getting it done: the alloy activation chamber in progress of being constructed

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    The alloy activation chamber in progress of being constructed. These pictures are mock ups of the potential valve configurations for best functionality, but with safety in mind (as this will operating at 8bar) The pressure release is set to 12 bar, a 16b pressure gauge will be placed at the elbow point (not shown as it hasn't arrived in the mail yet) and the two valve connections are specific, one for hydrogen, and one for Argon, with a gas exit valve at the bottom of the chamber.

    What will happen in this device is the Hydrogenation of the target metal alloy (see my earlier posts for image of alloy) the alloy will be exposed to heat and hydrogen gas under pressure which will pulverize the metal in an extremely fine mesh with hydrogen bound to the metal lattice as a Metal-hydride crystal. The powdered metal will then be ball milled with conductive carbon and graphite powders and then made into an electrode with conductive polymer binder   This is the first step in creating the electrode active material, activation of the metal alloy via hydrogenation reaction.

    I haven't weighed it. It's an atmosphered controlled thermal reactor or hydrothermal reactor. Just a reaction vessel.

    There will be a gravity based escape valve and a connection to a vacuum pump.

    I also have attempted "ORMUS" using non-alkaline states of high dielectric pressure as well, i used a 24,000V tesla coil and maltodextrin though so it wasn't truly monatomic, just angstrom colloidal. Brilliant purple colour, but not much i could do with it hahaha. I must add i was using 99.99% gold wire as well.

    I've read reference to cooper-pairs as "special state matter" before.