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Keshe Foundation - Real deal?

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  • Keshe Foundation - Real deal?

    Has anyone here done any experimenting with the Keshe Foundation units? The MagRav in particular.

    Here's a link to their main website:

    This blueprint was released just a few days ago:

    Here's a video showing this unit working and producing around 4KW freely:

    You can purchase ready to go units in their webstore here:

    I am not endorsing this research by any means. I am considering trying to build one, but I cannot find a single video out there showing a working unit. I have also find some videos from people claiming to have a working unit, but they are reading their meters wrong, or they just start rambling about spirituality. I do believe there is a bit of spiritual intent that goes into dealing with this type of energy, but I am coming across some people who are obviously bonkers.


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    It's interesting. The video you posted doens't actually show HOW it works or how to build one. But I did find a video showing how to build one at

    I may give this a go myself. Have you made any progress on yours?


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