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110v LED - Joule Thief Circuit

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  • 110v LED - Joule Thief Circuit

    I posted a picture of a super efficient 110v LED light I made. I have made about 6 of them so far and sold 2 to a person who is now using them for his lighting in a very large off grid home. The idea came from LynxWind u tube channel. This circuit lights 110v screw in bulbs off of a 12 volt battery! The more lights that are added to the circuit the more efficient it becomes. Every time another light is added it takes less energy per light to run them! 12 lights can be running at the same time. A 4" bifilar coil with a 7-1 wind ratio of 23gauge wire. The 3 components are a 2N3055 transistor, a 1N4001 diode, and ferrite choke. I will post a schematic soon. We think it can be made to charge a second battery while running for over unity.

    I just added the schematic for this light to my album. The choke or ferrite is a Radio Shack snap on choke. It makes the circuit more efficient. Take it out of its plastic case and glue it together on the coils so it doesn't squeal. The best lights to use are Eco-Smart Brand. The 10 watt bulbs use less power than the 6 watt bulbs and are near the same price. The lights are the same brightness or even brighter than if plugged into 110 volts. They seem to get brighter as more lights are added to the string.
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    Hi Radiantnrg. I am using the Lynx system as well. It works very nice. It will charge batteries while it works at no extra "charge" , pun intended Very pleased with what it does but it can do much more with a little math and engineering. Keep going!



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      Allen, I agree that it can do much more with some experimentation. I will post again when we get it over unity. I may also post the wave form it produces. Thanks Alan